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Bleeding after intercourse?

Hi everyone,
Within a few hours of doing it last night, bleeding started and there is still some this morning. Has anyone else experienced this? I am basically freaking out over here! 

Re: Bleeding after intercourse?

  • I would always suggest calling your care provider in cases of bleeding. 

    I do spot a little bit after sex pretty much every time while pregnant, but it's just a few drops here and there. The cervix is more sensitive and prone to bleeding by irritation. 

    But anything more than the barest of spotting I would call in for.
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  • I have heard it's very common though no personal experience. With my first, I was warned that I may bleed after my first exam (which is internal) so I'm expecting to hear the same next week. I just had some spotting on Wednesday which actually may have been from clenching while sneezing (cause no one wants to pee themselves, especially at work). Nurse said that right now "it's a highly vascular area" and the very first thing she asked was if we'd recently had sex. 

    It won't hurt to call and see what your OB says.
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  • I spotted a bit after sex the other night- totally normal. However, my OB did say to let her know about any bleeding/spotting just to be on the safe side.
  • Like the others said, the cervix is really delicate right now and your body in general has a higher blood volume. Some bleeding after sex, internal exams, a big bowel movement, ect can all be considered perfectly normal. Anytime you have bleeding that is more than just a bit of spotting and has you considered it's a good idea to call your doctor/midwife. 
    Try to stay calm. In general, sex doesn't affect the pregnancy one little bit. Baby is tucked in safe and sound and doesn't care at all what mommy and daddy are up to. It's that's delicate cervix getting bumped or your vaginal tissues can be drier or more delicate and they have increased blood flow now and sex can irratate them and cause a bit of bleeding/spotting that's just involved in those structures and has nothing to do with the uterus. 
    Try to stay calm, call your doc, and let us know how it goes, ok?
  • Sound advice already, and while no personal experience here, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you, and please keep us updated!

  • Glad to hear! It's definitely a freak out moment especially when it's all New! 
  • I'm so glad to see this update! Happy everything is okay!

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