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Fit Mom Friday 2/23

We haven't had one of these in awhile! How's everyone doing with their healthy habits? I'm sure many of us slacked off a bit in first tri. Anyone getting back on the wagon? New goals? Healthy meals you'd like to share? 

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Re: Fit Mom Friday 2/23

  • I have been keeping up with my Jazzercise class but I haven't been cooking the last 6 weeks due to morning sickness. I am feeling better these days and I am actually working on our weekly meal plan today! I feel super accomplished. 
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  • I've been...lazy still. Though while I was in Florida I was great at doing quite a bit of walking, now that I'm home and it's doing the freezing rain or snow thing, I just can't get outside. 

    A few squats and some very light yoga on a few days, and generally healthy eating though now that I'm not so nauseous, has been nice.
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  • @skilledsailor Thank you for starting this!!

    My RE, and then OB, told me to stick to just walking until I was out of the 1st tri, maybe a few weeks after. This has been so hard!! I'm sure that I will have lost strength and stamina when I get back to it.

    Goals- I am excited to be able to work out again in a few weeks. I would like to limit weight gain, as I put on a few extra pounds during treatments. My OB is on board with that and hasn't given me a set weight goal, but just said to limit it and we will watch the babies progress. I haven't gained anything yet and baby is still measuring ahead.
    Meals- I have a few new recipes that I would like to try. Maybe we could start a recipe thread?
  • @olliedog3 I've only cooked maybe 5 times since getting pregnant. It's tough when the sight of food makes you gag. 

    @stothi I was a health coach for a while and know for a fact that small relatively easily accomplished goals are best. Then just keep building on them. Sounds like you're doing well! 

    @pourmeamocktail I'm always so much more active when it's warm out. Hope the weather gets nice for you soon! 

    I've done pretty well with keeping up with yoga. Been going twice a week. Started doing some ab workouts (standing crunches, leg lifts, etc) since my belly is sticking out so much already. After the ab workouts it goes back in a bit. Now that I'm feeling better I'm hoping to get back to cooking three times a week and eating the left overs for lunch. 

    Me: 31   H:32
    TTC #1 Since 5/17
    BFP 7/14/17 - CP
    RE Dx: MFI, Unilateral Tubal Blockage
    12/17 - Clomid + TI
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  • I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with my regular fitness routines, it’s been frustrating. I’ve been going to yoga once a week, and hope to start the ‘moms gone strong’ lifting program come Monday as long as I’m up for it. The days are so dynamic it’s hard to plan ahead for a workout!! 
  • Prior to getting KU, I was maybe a month into serious dedication at getting back in shape. I didn't need to lose weight since I was a lucky unicorn who lost serious weight breastfeeding (more than I'd gained during pregnancy), but I wanted to tone up, and I was just starting to wean DD and didn't care about a tank in my supply anymore. Since getting KU, I've struggled to even work out once a week, but I did keep up with the once a week jam. As I'm starting to feel better, my goal is to just try for 2 times this week. I've already worked out once, so if I can do today or tomorrow, we'll be golden. 

    For workouts, I am doing a modified HIIT - it's more like...MIIT. Still interval training, still 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off, same exercises, but I am only pushing to a medium intensity. And TBH, one of my "intervals" is just doing kegels. 

  • Last week I thought my nausea was going away and I was going to be able to be be active. False. Still ded in the evenings. I do still curl once a week but I can tell I've lost all my volleyball arm muscles. Fingers crossed March goes better! 
  • I’ve been spinning almost daily but can’t keep up with the classes at all. Hoping to have a bit more energy/stamina soon. I’ve also been going to my Stroller strides classes which are great for a little muscle toning but not awesome for cardio. My eating is a disaster though so I’m desperately trying to keep up fitness so compensate. 

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  • I have been down and out for the last several weeks, but today I woke up and I think I might try an easy workout.  In my 11th week and dare I say things seem to be improving?.... ha
  • @marym94 yay good for you! I hope it goes well. 

    I actually joined a gym to go to on lunch break because it was cheap.... Hopefully i will feel up to going starting this week or next!
  • I just want to say I am so impressed with the dedication of you ladies!! My biggest accomplishment has been to actually get the dog out for a long walk.... poor dude Has suffered with me so tired and nauseous.
  • Sorry I'm late to the party on this thread! Kudos to everyone who is doing something, no matter how small! Something is better than nothing! I've been sticking to my kettelbell strength and cardio class twice a week and since the weather has finally turned a little warmer here in Michigan, I've been doing a 2 mile walk on my lunch a few days a week.  I'm hoping to get back to a little running this weekend. My nutrition has been pretty good and I've only put on less than 1lb so far! I'm over weight so doc is recommending I try to only gain 15lbs this pregnancy....which im really going to work to stay under that. I had severe pre-e last pregnancy and gained 50lbs (which i lost pretty quickly -thankfully!)so I'm motivated to be healthier this time to try and prevent that again!
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