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Maternity leave

I live in NJ, but work in Philadelphia and have a due date of April 13th. My friend who lives and works in NJ has a due date of March 1 and the other day she mentioned to me that she's already been on her maternity leave for 2 weeks because she gets 4 weeks of leave before her due date in addition to the 12 weeks after the baby is born.  I worked in NJ with my first baby and didn't get 4 weeks before and dont think I get in now either. I know it depends on employers, but has anyone else heard of this?

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Re: Maternity leave

  • I have heard of this... Not sure if it’s a state law or may just be your friend’s individual employer but some states do have more progressive maternity policies. I guess it’s possible if it is a state police they started it after you left your previous job? 
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  • It could depend on a few things. 
    1. state short term disability policy - california allows up to 4 weeks prior to due date without a drs note
    2.  employer policy
    3. medical reasons.  if i had ended up on bed rest i would have had to go our earlier and i believe disability would have covered it.  but again this mostly depends on #1!

    I'm planning on going out 4 weeks ahead of time this time because for my first i cut it a little fine ( was planning only one week and eded up having to call in sick because my water broke and sending work emails from my hospital bed.  do not recommend.

    also, hi due date twin!
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  • @mmmmkay hey! I hope Friday the 13th goes off without a hitch for both of us.

    Me:27 DH:29
    Married: September 2013
    DS: 6/8/15
    BFP: 8/5/17
    EDD: 4/14/18

  • Hi ladies, my due date is 4/12. I also live in NJ. I get 4 weeks before and 6 - 8 wks after depending type of delivery.Then state gives u 2 wks fmla..but I plan ok n extending my std for fmla for a weeks after that. Hope all works out well for you and I wish all of you a smooth delivery. 
  • I live and work in NJ and I've known it to be 4wks before and 6 or 8wks from what others have told me. I had planned on going out 4wks prior (March 5th) but a preterm labor scare has me out of work already, which ends up being 6wks prior to due date and still covered by STD.
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