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2nd Trimester

At home Doppler usage

what are your opinions on using a fetal Doppler at home. How often, and for how long at one time. Or not at all and why!

Re: At home Doppler usage

  • I’ve used it like once a week because I’m paranoid but I’ve never googled usage limitations. With DS I was HR so i got a scan at least every other week and doc never said anything about it being bad.
  • I use mine almost everyday. Usually in the morning before I leave for work. Its reassuring to me especially because I worry a lot. I also used one with my first and there were no problems so I believe it's ok. I just don't hold it on there for long periods of time, to be on the safe side. I usually find the heartbeat then turn it off. 
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  • I've never personally used one, but lots of other moms from my BMB suggest against it because if you have an anterior placenta (some, not all) and/ or baby is laying in a position that makes it hard to find the heart beat, it's just going to cause you unnecessary worry and stress. 
    DS1 born 2/28/16
    DS2 due 12/12/18

  • I am 4 months pregnant and used the Doppler quiet a few times. We have yet to pick up the heartbeat ourselves but baby was perfectly fine at last scan. Please don't worry if you can't pick up the heartbeat when you try it as it can be difficult and can cause stress that you and baby do not need!
  • I like my Doppler.. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it, but I don’t use it much once I can feel movement. Its nice to hear the HB from time to time but like another poster said, it should be used as novelty item rather than an at home diagnostic tool. I’d read the manufacturers instructions regarding usage limitations or better yet, ask your doctor. 
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