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I haven't decided on what hospital I want to deliver at. There are 2 in my town, but they are literally across the street from eachother. The only difference I know about is one has a better nicu.

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  • @luna8433.  Check your insurance.  I found one was covered and one was not.  Thankfully the one with the better NICU was covered for us (although farther away).  Also, go on a hospital tour at both.  There were slight differences that I found important enough to help make our decision easier...although insurance sort of sealed the deal!
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  • @knuttyplus2 I will have to check the insurance. I have the 19th off so I am hoping to do a tour then. It's just one of those things on my list that needs to be checked off.
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  • Many hospitals do evening and weekend tours too...just call ahead and ask!!
  • I'd go with the hospital with the better nicu.  My son needed a short unexpected nicu stay and it was awesome having him close by while I recovered. 

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  • Just a word to the wise sometimes the neonatologist that the hospitals have aren't always in network even if your insurance covers the hospital.  I found this out with my 1st as we started getting $3,000 bills from her.  Luckily at the time we qualified for KCHIP so it got paid for.  
    The nicu in the hospital I delivered at wasn't the biggest but it was a lot nicer and had sleeping room for parents than the best one in the city.  Just something to think about if you wanted to stay close to your baby.  
  • @rklinge0.  Yes, that's true!!  I had an argument with my insurance that it was impractical to ask every dr. Who handles your baby whether they were in network...I mean, really, if I go to the ER, I am not in the frame of mind to ask!!  Needless to say, I won't win that argument!
  • This is super random and hospital related -- I'm going back to the same hospital I delivered my DS 2.5 yrs ago and for some unknown reason they have THE BEST WATER! haha. People around town actually talk about it. It's the weirdest thing to discuss but whenever someone asks where I'm delivering they always say "Their water is delicious!!"
  • @luna8433 I also would ask you're ob I am in a similar situation and ask my ob. she informed me which one she delivered her babies at and her reasoning. which was that if something  doesn't go right the staff at the one hospital is better at handling it. she said both are good and will get you taken care of but the one is better at keeping their cool. 

    @btm013 that s funny about the water. but there is a lot to be said about good water.
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