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Milestone Monday

These are becoming less encouraging as you guys disappear. My LO is SO close to crawling! He is alternating his knees then throwing himself forward and is sometimes bear crawling (stepping while in plank). We're going to Florida to visit my grandma next week, I hope he figures it out be then. 
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Re: Milestone Monday

  • I feel like my little guy is getting closer to crawling too, but not as close as yours!  He's just been rolling with purpose to get things he wants, and he can turn himself around while on his stomach and scoot a little backwards but no forward motion yet.  

    We've moved on from rice cereal to oatmeal and have worked our way through most of the stage 1 veggies, he likes everything but peas!  I'm going to try some avocado with him tonight and soon we'll be on to fruits!
  • I’ve only disappeared because there haven’t really been any milestones! 

    However, LO cut his first tooth yesterday! Drooling all over the place. I felt in his mouth and sure enough, I could feel a tooth! 

    No crawling yet, although I am anticipating any day now. He gets all the way up on his arms and is starting to move his knees, just not going anywhere. 

    We we are still doing well with solids. Only thing we had an issue with was yogurt. Projectile vomiting everywhere! 
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  • @CPR79 Mine definitely does not roll with a purpose. He rolls to get to his stomach since he no longer likes his back, and gets back to his back accidentally if he's too eagerly reaching for something up high. 

    @Cynth0104 That's so exciting. Hopefully he'll have some relief from teething pain now that it's finally cut. 

    Still no solids here although I let LO gnaw on a cold carrot yesterday to alleviate some teething pain. I'm waiting until our 6 month appointment next Tuesday to make sure my ped is on board with BLW
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  • No crawling here and this bad mom isn’t encouraging it! She finally rolls both ways. She has 4 teeth, and screams to demand food. My little firecracker definitely prefers savory to sweet, which has shocked us!
  • My baby knows how to roll over but never does. He just likes to stop himself! No teeth, no sitting up, no crawling, just smiles and stares at me all day ! :) 
  • @Cynth0104 and @virginiaunicorn11 teeth already?! Wow! 

    DD now crawls. She is pretty shakey though. She props herself up on her side. She can sit for a 30sec or so if I place her in that p
    osition and then slowly topples over with a smile. ☺
  • We have two teeth that are VERY sharp, he’s bitten me nursing 3 times. He can sit if I put him in that position for for 5 minutes or more, but usually gets bored and pushes himself on his belly so he can wriggle around. He’s super close to crawling! While he was doing lots of babbling, now he mostly screams like a ringwraith. It’s still very cute.
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