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Let's Talk About Sex Baby

So with my first pregnancy this didn't even cross my mind. I was blessed with a fairly straight forward pregnancy. This time around I feel very nervous about it. *TW I've recently experienced a couple CPs and I think I'm just on edge. End *TW I know sex is perfectly safe and my fear is irrational.

Does anyone else find themselves nervous to DTD? How do you get past it??

Re: Let's Talk About Sex Baby

  • I think it’s totally normal to feel a little nervous about it. From everything I have heard and read sex has absolute no bearing on the success of the pregnancy, but still - it can cause spotting and no one wants to see that while they are pregnant! I would just talk to your partner and express how you are feeling and ask them to take it slow and be extra gentle there first couple of times. 
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  • I think last time it was later on before I was worried. I just totally lose my libido all together when pregnant.

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  • PAIF ladies -- what did your RE recommend?  My post transfer instructions had many no-nos including avoiding heavy aerobic exercise, lifting things over 20 lbs, and i quote, "nothing in the vagina except suppositories" until the 2nd ultrasound at week 8-9.

    i'm wondering how well people stick to that... have a weekend getaway with the DH planned at wk7...
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  • @northbeach3 My RE said no sex until we see a heartbeat. We have an u/s at 6 w +2, so hopefully we see a heartbeat then
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  • Mine had me on pelvic rest for 5 days after the transfer. When I got a positive beta I asked if I was still on pelvic rest and if we could have sex and I was told that was it was fine to have sex, and to just “listen to my body” 
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  • @northbeach3 my RE said the same thing. I also feel nervous about exercising at all! At least I get a lot of steps in at my job!
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    MC November 2016
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  • Ugh... we did it SO MUCH during the two weeks I was potentially going to ovulate (my cycles are wildly erratic so we never know) that the LAST thing I want to think about is sex right now! 

  • We’re definitely not doing anything but I’m super anxious due to multiple losses.  I freaked out after a leisurely bike ride last week so I’m just going to stick to walking as my most vigorous exercise for a while.

  • Such different rules from REs! Mine said nothing until 2 days after transfer (exercise or sex) but that really you should “Do what you want and listen to your body”.

    I’ve been ramping back up to my more normal exercise routine, but feeling awkward about the sex part, largely because of the progesterone. Silly question, I supppose, but would the direct exposure to that much hormone be bad for DH? 
  • Yeah... I have to wait until my ultrasound appointment in 3 weeks. Been so anxious about everything that I'm not in the mood anyway plus progesterone suppositories are not at all sexy
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  • My RE gave zero restrictions. And my hormones seem to be making my libido go into overdrive. Unfortunately DH and my schedules don’t line up super often (I work only night shift). 
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  • I had zero restrictions with my first but was super anxious because of multiple losses. So we just rubbed on each other a lot. This time we’re doing what we want under that belief that likely nothing will prevent a miscarriage anyway. Better for our nerves. 

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