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High Risk Pregnancy

Hi all!  I'm new to this group and wanted to say hello and to check how everyone is doing.  I'm currently 22 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my second baby.  My first daughter is 2 yrs old and she was born 9 days late even though I was at high risk for premature labor having uterus didelphys.  So pretty much I have two uteruses (but they claim I have one cervix).   I was stressed out throughout my first pregnancy of going into premature labor and trying to be optimistic with this pregnancy but essentially its like a new pregnancy for me.  My first born was in my right uterus and baby #2 or my daughter's little sister is in my left.  Hoping this pregnancy goes as well as my first and that baby does not run out of room.  Trying to be less stressed this pregnancy; going to the specialist every two weeks and my regular OBGYN every 3 weeks.  Also, had GD during my first pregnancy and failed my 1 hr glucose test early on with this pregnancy but past my 3 hr test but scheduled to retake it in about 4 weeks.

Anyone else in a similar situation?  


Re: High Risk Pregnancy

  • @Katarzyn Welcome to the May 2018 Moms group!  I agree with @suchaglencoco, bodies can do amazing things!  I'll be keeping you in my thoughts!  
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  • No experience with it, but I really hope the next few months go smoothly and no complications come up for you. I definitely understand the worry but hopefully you have a really great OB who can reassure you as things progress!
  • I just wanted to say Good luck & it sounds like you have an excellent team backing you up! I hope you make it to your due date this time! Do they think your left uterus is slower than your right? 
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