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Tattoo? Safe or not?

I'm in the process of getting a tattoo to commemorate DS' first birthday (it's a lion in my left tight) I've already had 1 session and there's 2 more to go. But next session is schedule to be tomorrow and I'm having a lot of doubts about whether to go or not.
It’s a super clean place, so no concerns about hygiene but I'm thinking about the inks because they might end in the bloodstream, right?
Also I don't know if baby could get the stress produce by the pain I might feel? I do think I'm more sensitive now than pre-pregnancy...
TIA for your comments!

Re: Tattoo? Safe or not?

  • I would call your dr about it. I've always been under the impression that it's off limits. I have one planned for my SS, but now I'm going to hold off. Although, now I can get one for them both after!
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  • I was originally supposed to be getting a tattoo today and I cancelled just to be safe. Definitely call your doctor first. I did some research and it sounds like the main concern would be an infection developing afterwards because pregnant women are more prone to infections. My friend did get a tattoo when she was pregnant and didn't know it yet and everything was fine, but I decided not to risk it. It sees like they just don't know if the ink can be harmful. It might be, but it might not be. You can also call the tattoo place because most of them will refuse you if you are pregnant anyways because they don't want the liability. I won't judge you if you go anyways, but my guess is that most people will ask why you would risk it.
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  • FWIW, i had to wait to get some minor touch-ups done.  The girl who does all my work has a strict policy because hormones can affect the way the skin accepts ink and heals in some cases, so she can't guarantee the outcome.  I'm sure those hormones aren't crazy high yet, but if you have two sessions left to go, maybe just wait it out.
  • Yeah, ditto to checking with doctor first, but personally, I would just wait until the baby’s born. 

  • You were right, I forgot to ask my doctor first. 

    So I texted him and his reply was: It is as safe to get a tattoo when you are pregnant as it is to get it when your are not. 

    But I think you all are right, I'm going to wait :):)

  • I got mine a week before I found out I was pregnant
  • I got a bikini wax pregnant once and it was awful. Hurt 100 times more than usual. That alone would scare me into waiting. Plus the possible risks, while probably minimal, mehh still not worth it. I’d wait. 
  • I think the biggest concern with tattoos is the risk of infection, plus the stress of being in pain while you're having it done. 
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