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  • Let's see... I've had nausea for about a week, and I'm just so tired. The strangest thing I've been having though is pain in my hips that wraps around to the front of my thighs. From what I have read it's probably sciatica. It usually starts much later, but I've had problems with my legs my whole life so a new one isn't that surprising!
  • I had some weird ass dreams all night last night. 
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  • Mine has mostly been cramping the last few days. I'm 4 weeks as of yesterday. My boobs were really sore to the touch the week after ovulation, which is why I decided to test 3 days before I missed my period. I've also been pretty tired.
  • I’m currently week 5 day 4! Due early October. So far I’m lucky and not experiencing any nausea. Lots of heartburn and burping though!! I also feel like my body temperature is off.... I feel cold a lot! Sore boobs for sure. And the biggest thing I’ve noticed is an aversion to sweets! Especially chocolate.... which is really weird cuz if you know me, I’ll never pass up chocolate or dessert! 
  • BLOAT. I’m 4 maybe 5 weeks and everywhere I go people ask me when I’m due. When I say October, they either look shocked or ask if it’s twins. 

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  • @linssears4 I’ve been dealing with the body tenpature thing too. It’s super weird.
  • 5 weeks today- I’ve finally stopped peeing on tests because I’m definitely feeling pregnant!  Mild nausea, sore boobs, frequent peeing, fatigue.  I’m thankful for the symptoms after 2  chemicals.  
  • The temperature thing is probably the biggest with me too.
  • Dizziness, dizziness, and more dizziness, some quesiness, and fatigue (my husband was concerned about me driving to the store this evening to get snacks for work, so he went instead) 
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  • Physical symptoms: All week long I've been *ravenously* hungry. To an obscene amount. I have multiple digestive disorders and because I always feel like crap, I don't eat much. So when I started being hungry and eating round-the-clock, DF knew something was up. 
    Other big symptoms were insomnia, which I've NEVER had before so it's been fun haha, and crazy acne EVERYWHERE. I decided it was time to test because last night I had hip joint pain which I've only ever had when I was pregnant and very obvious round ligament pain. 

    Mental symptoms: I've been extremely emotional over everything. I also just instinctively knew I was pregnant. Usually I stress and stress over the pregnancy test during the TWW but this time I didn't worry at all because I just knew that it was going to be positive. 

    This isn't a symptom but it was a big thing for me so I thought I'd share. Warning, this will seem very cheesy lol. A couple days before I tested, I was laying in bed drifting off to sleep and I dreamed I saw a little boat drifting on the ocean at night. It was super peaceful but as I was watching the boat bobbing in the water, I started to see a particular name in my mind over and over. I woke up smiling, feeling very at peace.  That same day, my partner suggested that exact name to me as the one he thought we should name our babe (and it's not a common name at all). He was very confused when I burst into tears in the middle of the restaurant lol
  • So far I have had some nausea and enlarged nipples that are very sensitive. Over all tired and going to the washroom more. Oh and the amount of gas is extremely embarrassing hahaha
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