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Pregnant with twins and looking for updated info!

Hi everyone! I'm 12wks pregnant with twins. 3 rounds of IVF to get here so I feel like I've been pregnant forever even though it's only actually been 3 months. 

I have a handful of questions that I'm sure i could dig through these feeds for info on, but since baby products are always improving and also since I could really use some newer contacts over here I figured I'd ask them all in one place.

Hi all! I'm 12 wks pregnant with twins and have been having a particularly stressful time finding good info on a handful of things that are only really pertinent to us, so I figured I would start a thread and ask a few of them.

Moms of previous twins, PLEASE share what worked for you, moms currently pregnant with twins, please share thoughts and reasoning for what you are deciding. Or questions of your own, of course!

1. I am hoping to BF, and ideally tandem feed. The only nursing pillow for twins that I've really seen is the TWIN Z pillow. But it is like 5x the cost of a regular nursing pillow/boppy type. Will a normal one work to tandem feed if i am creative enough? I think yes, but hope it isn't wishful thinking.

2. Where are you planning to have your twins sleep the first few months? I'm definitely planning on keeping them in our bedroom, but having 2 bassinets/cosleepers or whatever seems somewhere between impractical and wasteful. I'm currently thinking if just putting them both in a pack n play together, but would appreciate other suggestions. Obviously I want to be frugal as much as possible, but a pricier solution really is better, i definitely want to hear about it!

3. Twin carriers...same general issues as far as expensive/worth it questions. Currently I'm thinking of doing slings once they're big enough and maybe a moby type wrap for before. But if there really is something else out there that is excellent, please share!

4. Twin strollers...i have found some that i like but they only claim to work after 6 months. I would really like something that works well before that, either that will work well for the whole first 2 years or if i have to buy 2 different strollers I'd like to know my options.

Thank you in advance!!!

Re: Pregnant with twins and looking for updated info!

  • @nmtay I had the mybreastfreind twin pillow and loved it. its good for tandem and single nursing. Also BF can take a while to master especially if your twins come early so you may find yourself single nursing vs tandem. my twins were 37+2 and had a lot of latch issues. I think our first tandem session was around 8 weeks old but even then it took other people to help me get them both latched... Once they were 4-6 months we did more tandem nursing but I found I enjoyed the one on one time of single nursing since they have to share everything else.  Sorry I just read the rest of your question, you can probably get away with just pillows but having a twin nursing pillow is so much more helpful.
        my twins slept so much better together. we got a PNP that had a larger bassinet are at the top and they both fit well in there for the first 4 months, then we moved them down to the next layer (but not all the way to the bottom) till they were 6 months. At that point we transitioned them to their own room but they still shared a crib for 3 more months.
       I have a bad back so I only wore them both when they were very little. after that it was just one at a time but DH would also wear one. I think the twin-go is the best soft structured for wearing twins. if you want a wrap there area bunch of you-tube videos on how do it. I do know some moms who do 2 ring slings...
       As for strollers the citi-mini is a good tandem option (though for me it was hard to fold, DH did not have a problem) we opted for the mountain buggy duo, at the time it was the only one where the twins could be tandem and in car seats (you get the adapter for your car seat type) its only 25 inches wide so it fits through almost all doors. it is also technically a jogger so its great for off roading.  I know some moms like the cheap one that just holds the car seats... sorry I cant remember what its called, but for me the mountain buggy was worth every penny and we still use it reguarly. 
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  • @wbash15 Thank you this is super helpful!!!
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  • 1. My boys were 33 weekers so we never really got the hang of BFing, but I only had a Boppy and I think it would have worked. 

    2. Safe sleep requires infants have their own space. We used two Moses baskets which were pretty inexpensive. The Rock N Play Bassinet (not the Sleeper) is also fairly inexpensive. 

    3. I had a WeeGo, I wasn't crazy about it. I tandem carry in two Tula SSCs now

    4. I had a double frame for the car seats when they were in the infant car seats. Now we use a Contours Options Elite. 
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  • Thanks for asking these questions as I also found the answers helpful. 
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    I know this is an old post, but answering anyway for anyone interested :)

    1. I used a Twin Z pillow and it was totally worth it imo. I used it for nursing, bottle feeding, tummy time, sitting support, and now I use it as a pregnancy sleep pillow. I have heard good things about the My Breast Friend twin pillow, but can't speak to it personally.

    2. We used a pack n play with one bassinet attachment, so one baby slept in the bassinet part and one baby slept in the regular part on the highest setting. There are pack n plays available with two bassinet attachments as well.

    3. When mine were tiny I would use a Moby wrap for both. Once they got bigger I used two Beco Gemini carriers, one on front and one on back. It's my favorite carrier, and I would suggest finding the carrier that is most comfortable for you even if it's not twin specific. I liked that then we had two individual carriers so DH could wear one and I could wear one if we were out together.

    4. We used the Baby Jogger City Select with two car seat adaptors, so the car seats just clicked in. Once they got bigger we swapped out the car seat adaptors for the regular seats. Now I mostly use a decent double umbrella stroller because it is lightweight and quick to fold/unfold. I do strongly prefer how the City Select steers and handles though!

    Edit to add: Lucie's List has some great reviews and tips for twin gear!
  • 1. my twins were 37 weeks and had no issues BFing until they were a year. However, we never got the hand of tandem feeding because our baby A was about a pound bigger than our B so the letdown for A was way, way overwhelming for B. I used a football hold for all 4 of my kids (2 singles, and twins)  because it was easier for us which I didn’t find any BF pillows helpful. I have a friend who tandem fed hers and hated that they had left/right side preferences but mind did not. I always used a regular pillow under their rumps and we were good to go.

    2. Our twins slept together initially in a pack and play and then next to each other in cradles before then into touching cribs. We kept them tightly swaddled and they’d always turn face to face. They could not sleep without touching each other for a few years and now, 5.5 years later, they still climb into each others beds.

    3. We never did infant carriers although we loved the ergo for older babies and tots who got tired when we didn’t have a stroller. 

    4. I love love my Indy duo side-by-side BumbleRide. Works in sand and uneven terrain, too!!  I got it second hand and we used it from bith until 4 when they could walk around without getting too tired.
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