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Dying to get off Endometrin!

I'm ten weeks today and I *thought* I should be gearing up to taper off the 2x/daily Endometrin but NOOOO, they told me today that they recommend staying on it twice a day until 12 weeks. I have read so many conflicting recommendations from so many people's doctors. What did yours tell you about staying on supplemental progesterone?

Re: Dying to get off Endometrin!

  • I wish my doctor would keep me on until 12 weeks they keep telling me to get off and I started tapering but refuse to stop without a test.  They took blood work to test ProgesteroneTuesday and haven't reported back yet. Annoyed and calling tomorrow. 

    I've heard conflicting things but my IF clinic told my OB office that they have women who's levels are 15 that are successful and they take off at 8 weeks cold turkey.  I was at 28.7 at 8 weeks and I still refused to just jump off.  I think it varies wildly and they really don't understand it much.  They are telling me though if levels are too high then can be not good for baby because it is not needed.

    Have you had any recurrent losses? Sorry to ask but my OB says he'd keep me on longer if I'd had more than one loss.  I find this mentality infuriating!  So I have to lose my baby twice or more for you to pull your head out and do something pro-active!?  Anyway that may be the case for starting on it longer or your levels are just lower on the supplement. 

    My OB says the placenta 'should' start to take over Progesterone from the ovaries at 8 weeks.  But I read this gets stronger from 8-12 weeks. 

    I personally am scared to stop but figured out the suppositories are making my crotch itch and I'm allergic! TMI so I will be glad when get to stop. 

    I just wish they would provide more info on this and be more clear with patients why they do the course they do.  I'm not telling them how to do their job but it is my right to know why.
  • I stopped at 12 weeks cold turkey. My clinic doesn't allow before 12 weeks. 
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  • I dropped from twice a day to once a day the middle of 8w, then no more at 9+3 iirc.
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  • I was on suppositories until 12 weeks then stopped cold turkey
  • My RE had me stop at 10 weeks when I graduated to my OB.
  • I was on pio through 8 weeks, then 3x Endometrin for weeks 9 and 10, and that'll be it.

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  • Mine had me stop cold turkey after 10 weeks. She said the placenta should be 100% by the end of week 9 but she likes to overlap it just by a week to be safe.
  • I was supposed to stop injections at 12 weeks, but my progesterone went down a little at 9weeks and I had to stay on through 13 weeks. 11 weeks total of daily injections, oy! I was terrified to go off it, since I tend to have low progesterone, I did spot a little once o stopped too, which freaked me out. But on the bright side, once you're off it, you feel better. Hang in there, you're almost done. 
  • Thank you, all! I checked with the nurse who said I'm on it until 12 weeks. Interesting to see how different the protocols are between us all, though!

  • @hottietoddy No, no recurrent losses. I've never been pregnant before at all (another reason why I am hyper nervous about every single thing).

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    @sarcasticowl I'm glad to hear it's not the case.  I know how you feel and I think they should just be cautious no matter what number Pregnancy a person is on. 

    So my OB called this morning and my Progesterone was 20.5 last week on Tuesday.  I took the 200mg suppository on Sunday night before.  So it is lower but still above 15.  I'm taking it again today then having them test me again Tuesday next week. It's very weird because they say I don't have to stay on it but are allowing me to taper and test per my choice. Seems like a better choice to me.

    Dr. Also offered to call in 100mg suppositories I can take daily versus spacing out.  It is pricey and they are giving me allergic reaction so think I'm sticking with plan as is. 
  • I stopped PIO shots around 11 weeks when I got a nasty reaction and infection (thx progesterone shortage). I started weaning off the oral tablets at 12 weeks and was done at 13. I do have a history of reoccurring  loss though

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