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Vitex questions

i will preface this by saying I know I am older (just turned 45 Monday), but I don’t want to focus on that like the OB/GYN did after my mc back in July.  Hell, he wanted to hit me over the head with it and it was all he focused on.  I will also add that the women in my family do wait a bit longer to have children and have had them, sometimes a first, into their 40’s.  Anyway, after that mc at 8 weeks, I got pregnant again within two cycles but had another mc two weeks after a pos pregnancy test.  I do have an 11 year old child and had a chemical pregnancy when she was about four.  Anyway, I started reading about supplements and even went to a holistic doctor who gave me sepia.  I have to admit I didn’t take that one regularly.  I did stumble upon Vitex.  I want to know if anyone else has had a negative experience with it.  Since taking it, I have not registered any ovulation at all, and this cycle only lasted 20 days.  I stopped it after that happened.  If you have had an experience like mine while on Vitex, how long did it take for your cycle to go back to normal?  I will also add I went to another OB/GYN who did genetic, etc. testing and said I’m good to go.  And while I know it’s possible to be perimenopausal at my age, women on both sides of my family tree did not stop periods til mid 50’s.

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  • Avoid Vitex. It can mess you up. If you continue to have CP; that needs investigation by a medical professionals. Holistic remedies have their place, but altering hormone levels is not one of them. 

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  • Thanks.  I certainly won’t be doing Vitex or Sepia anymore.  I am going to see if I ovulate this month.  If not, it’s back to the OB.
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