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TWW Tuesday 01/30

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!**

Cycle Day/DPO:
Typical LP length:
GTKY: Which do you think is better?  Cake or pie?

Re: TWW Tuesday 01/30

  • Sorry, @kristah2, i beat you this morning!  :D

    Month/Cycle: 4/4
    Cycle Day/DPO: 21/7
    Timing: not great
    Typical LP length: 14 days
    Testing: lets go with no
    R/R: My cramping has gone away, so that is a relief.  Until next month, rando cramping!
    GTKY: Which do you think is better? Cake or pie? (i chose this based on an ongoing battle at work.  Friendships have ended.  Lives have been destroyed.  We're super passionate about dessert, i guess.)   I'm going to go with cake, although i could really go down the rabbit hole on desserts, because i would take any pie over carrot cake.  But, to simplify my answer, funfetti cake is like my all time favorite.  
  • @jengibre_zorro funfetti < rainbow chip— if you haven’t had it you need to go out and buy it today. MF Betty Crocker.

    Month/Cycle: 1/1
    Cycle Day/DPO: cd23/7dpo
    Timing: -4,-3, O
    Typical LP length: idk
    Testing: I tested last night and this morning bc I’m insane. Obv bfn. 
    R/R: my bday is tomorrow and I’m excited bc MH is picking up my favorite Thai. & I bullied him into giving me my present early & it’s a necklace I love with a fire opal!
    CS/Q: are implantation dips a thing? How big are they? The interwebs are skeptical but I’m curious what you guys think. 
    GTKY: Which do you think is better?  Cake or pie? I love them both so much. What does cheesecake fall under?

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  • Month/Cycle: 1/1
    Cycle Day/DPO: 32/13
    Timing: None
    Typical LP length: Not sure
    Testing: Nope
    R/R: Except for last month my cycle has been pretty predictable at 32 days, so hoping af shows today or tomorrow so I can get this show on the road. Pretty sure I had major pms  yesterday. Also, it's snowing! I can enjoy it since I don't have to drive. :)
    GTKY: Which do you think is better?  Cake or pie?
    Cake. And I'll go even further and say the cake part is the best part and I can take or leave the icing.
    **June Siggy Challenge - P.I.L.Fs**
  • @jengibre_zorro way to be on the ball this morning!! Thanks for starting!! Glad the cramping has gone away! Though I have to agree with @flyingmombula that rainbow chip wins.
    @flyingmombula Happy early birthday! Thai and necklace is pretty awesome!!!

    Month/Cycle: 2/2
    Cycle Day/DPO: 29/12
    Timing: good (not good enough)
    Typical LP length: 12
    Testing: WFAF - shes on the way!
    R/R: Today is the Monday-est Tuesday ever. I forgot my breakfast and its a snow/ice storm out. 
    CS/Q: Nothing to see - headed to WTO shortly, hope I don't see any of you there!
    GTKY: Which do you think is better?  Cake or pie? CAKE! But.. My friends and I have had this argument before and we started making what we call "Pake".. it is cake with pie filling.. best of both worlds! mmmmmmm
  • @jengibre_zorro Glad your cramping went away! And thanks for the GTKY question...I love talking desserts, but now that’s all I want at 9:30 in the morning  :D
    @flyingmombula Happy early bday!! MH will never break down to give me my gifts early...lucky you!
    @rosebud332 Sorry you had pms yesterday, hope you feel better today!
    @kristah2 Sorry you are having a Monday Tuesday...I hate those. I hope your day improves!

    Month/Cycle: 2/2
    Cycle Day/DPO: 21/3
    Timing: Good
    Typical LP length: Not sure yet
    Testing: WFAF
    R/R: our directors at work have been fighting causing a lot of stress and tension. Trying to not let it get to me because that is not good for TTC! Rave: MH is the best and made me coffee this morning before I had to leave for work because I have been complaining about the coffee at work lately. At least I had a good cup of coffee to start the day of tension!
    CS/Q: none
    GTKY: Cheesecake is my all time fav...not sure if it is considered cake or pie. But if I had to choose between those two I would say apple pie with vanilla ice cream
    Me:29 DH:30
    TTC #1: 12/2017
  • Month/Cycle: 4/5
    Cycle Day/DPO: 16/4 (or so FF says)
    Timing: excellent I think
    Typical LP length: 14-15
    Testing: Next Wednesday since Im off work. 
    R/R: How are we still in the month of January?? I feel like this month has dragged so much. Other than that, I saw a picture of myself on timehop this morning from 1 year ago and I really have let myself go. Between DHs job, moving, starting a new job and TTC, it has been hard to hold down a healthy routine. 
    CS/Q: I'm sure this has been answered so many times before but is it possible to O when you are still getting + opks? FF says I O'd on cd12 but I got a + opk on the afternoon of cd13.
    GTKY: Which do you think is better?  Cake or pie? Cake for sure. I do not like pie *dodges daggers from the crowd*

    @jengibre_zorro Glad your cramps have gone away!
    @flyingmombula Sorry for the bfn :( Hopefully it is just too early. Happy early birthday!
    @rosebud332 Snow is so much better when theres no driving involved. Enjoy the prettiness :)
    @kristah2 Totally agree on the mondayest tuesday today. Sorry for AF on her way.
    @spartan4life tension at work is the ultimate worst. I hope they get their shizz together soon. Not good for morale!
    TTC journey in spoiler
    Me: 29 | DH: 31
    Married: 08/2016
    TTC: 10/2017
    IUI #1-3 BFN
    IVF 11/2018- 23 eggs retrieved, 16 mature, 14 fertilized with ICSI with 7 embryos making it to freeze
    FET #1 02/2019 BFN
    FET #2 4/19 BFP!!!!! EDD 1/4/20  <3

  • Month/Cycle: 7/5 (1 loss 1 benched)
    Cycle Day/DPO: 31/10
    Timing: Good
    Typical LP length: Not sure
    Testing: Done.
    R/R: I tested again this morning and still BFN. I am officially WFAF. I had a breakdown this morning about the MC and just about how hard it is to get pg. Right now, I don't even know if I want to keep trying or just be happy with the one kid we do have. I know that this is just the first cycle trying after being benched, but it's just been such a long month and I don't know if I can keep doing this. Hopefully the extra emotions and negativity are just PMS and I will feel more positive in a few days, but this is currently me:

    GTKY: Which do you think is better?  Cake or pie? Pie. I deserve pie. Where can I buy a big pie and eat all the feelings away?
  • @acciocoffee sorry about the rough day. CD10 is still early so fx the cycle turns around.. or AF shows up and helps you with your emotions for next cycle.. being hormonal and TTC is hard enough. I can't imagine the first hormonal cycle after a loss. You're super strong. 
  • @flyingmombula and @kristah2 - I have not heard of this rainbow chip, and it looks like i am making a cake tonight - Happy Tuesday to me!
    @rosebud332 - we are kindred spirits, i also think the cake part is the best
    @spartan4life - cheesecake is totally a cake!  Also, a cup of coffee first thing in the morning is true love, what a nice hubby 
    @kobrien827 - hopefully after all those changes last year you can take time to focus on you!
    @acciocoffee - i'm sorry you are having such a rough day.  You deserve the whole pie.  And after the tummy ache wears off, i hope things will be better.  Hang in there!
    @catlady2015 - i think cake cat is my new animal spirit guide  :D

  • @acciocoffee I'm right there with you.  This has been me

    Also,  pie. Frosting is GROSS
    Me:33 & DH:35 - Married 
    TTC 1 since Aug17
    BFP 1- 10/20 ended with EP Lap and left tube removed on 11/20 at 9 weeks.

  • @spartan4life Feuding directors suck. Why can't people just act like adults! My pms is much better today, thanks! I'm feeling mostly like a normal human being again haha! Except for a weird McDonald's craving???
    @acciocoffee I'm so sorry you're having a hard day. Having a loss is just the worst feeling in the world. It took me a while to feel more normal after mine too. Take care of yourself! Eat some serious pie!
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  • Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD/DPO: 18/3

    Typical LP Length: 14

    Timing: -3, -2, 0, 1 - so, could be better

    Testing: I guess I’ll be testing in 11 days (HAH! more like 5)

    R/R: I guess I belong here now?

    CS/Q: this is the 6th consecutive day that my Clearblue monitor says High Fertility. FF gave me crosshairs this morning, but I’m very skeptical. This is the earliest I’ve ever O’d, and I never got a Peak or positive OPK (tested 2x the past 2 days). FF is basing everything on my BBT, but it has been severely out of whack this month. Anyone care to to CS? (Also, what is “stats”?)

    GTKY: Pie all day.

    @flyingmombula happy early birthday!

    @rosebud332 fx af shows for you. Jealous of your snow!

    @kristah2 be safe in the snowstorm, jealous though!

    @spartan4life UGH I’m in the same situation with management fighting at work and I think it’s been affecting my cycle this month. It’s the worst.

    @kobrien827 I apparently O’d 3 days ago and I’m still getting high fertility, although no LH peak yet

    @acciocoffee sorry for BFN :(

    <3 Me: 28 DH: 29
    <3 Married since 2012 dating since 2005.
    <3 Golden Retriever girls (8) and (3), orange feral rescue tabby (1).

    Finally TTC#1 as of 11/2017!
    Thryoidectomy 2007, PCOS, disordered proliferative endometrium.
  • @jengibre_zorro  yay for no cramps, and fingertip cake is the best!
    @flyingmombula  I’m going to have to disagree, I do not like the rainbow chip. Sorry for the BFNs, but it is super early (although I did the same last cycle)
    @rosebud332  I’ll eat your icing then and you can have my cake lol the icing is my fave.
    @kristah2  unfortunately I think I’ll be following you to WTO tomorrow :( just hanging out here until AF shows up completely.
    @spartan4life  sorry for your directors fighting, so we work at the same place? Lol,jk but I swear ours do it all the time, but especially during budgeting
    @acciocoffee  sorry for the BFN :( 

    Month/Cycle: 5/6
    Cycle Day/DPO: 24/12
    Timing: bleh
    Typical LP length: 12ish
    Testing: nope
    R/R: I’m going shopping tonight, for clothes I don’t need but I have a coupon so...I have so many rants but I’m not going to be a Debbie-downer today
    CS/Q: nope
    GTKY: Which do you think is better?  Cake or pie? Cake, funfetti or marble with gobs of buttercream frosting! Maybe this is why I can’t lose weight

  • @galactickates I wish you lived closer so we could cry and eat pie together. 

  • @acciocoffee I know me too. I'm trying to console myself by knowing that if it's not this cycle there is a good chance I'll be with my favorite people in the next bmb. I'll just keep telling myself that until we all move on.  Lol
    Me:33 & DH:35 - Married 
    TTC 1 since Aug17
    BFP 1- 10/20 ended with EP Lap and left tube removed on 11/20 at 9 weeks.

  • @galactickates I would love to be in the same BMB as my lovely TWW friends!  hopefully next month as it looks like we'll all be moving over  to WTO together unfortunately. 
  • @galactickates @kristah2 November babies all around! Side note: I originally "planned" for us to have an April baby. 

  • @rosebud332 @leafyarch and @nmbrcrnchr1 Isn’t Work drama the worst!? Ugh sometimes I feel like I’m back in high school and I didn’t enjoy it anymore then than I do now. These directors have worked together for a long time so I’m hoping it will pass quickly...
    @acciocoffee I’m so sorry you are having a rough day. I hope you are able to relax and do something enjoyable tonight for yourself!
    Me:29 DH:30
    TTC #1: 12/2017
  • Late check-in after an all morning meeting. So much to catch up on!

    @jengibre_zorro glad your cramps are gone!
    @flyingmombula happy birthday eve! that necklace sounds GORGEOUS. Also totally agree on the rainbow chip
    @spartan4life H for the win with that coffee! Which is worse, office coffee or airplane coffee? I could have that debate.
    @kobrien827 with you on Jan taking for-ev-er. I also felt the same way looking in the mirror this morning, but I'm always too scared to ramp up workouts much during the TWW. We can get it together, though!
    @acciocoffee I'm so sorry about the BFN. Hoping by now you have found yourself a big honkin piece of pie.
    @galactickates **hugs**
    @leafyarch new to FF and it showed me crosshairs when I put in a fake temp for tomorrow. what exactly does that mean? and it looks like your timing was pretty good! fx!
    @nmbrcrnchr1 ALL.THE.BUTTERCREAM. enjoy the shopping!

    Month/Cycle: 2/2
    Cycle Day/DPO: 23/2 (potentially 3, I really can't tell)
    Timing: -5, -3, -1, +1 (I think, I still can't tell if yesterday was +1 or +2)
    Typical LP length: 13
    Testing: nada
    R/R: Finally done with a four hour work meeting that has been stressing my boss out, thank goodness. At least it was filled with entertaining quotes from leaders like "that's a big f*ing shoe." Also, temp was way up this morning. Yipee!
    CS/Q: Will post chart tomorrow when temp remains up to get your thoughts on which day might have been O.
    GTKY: Which do you think is better?  Cake or pie? Cake, as long as it's got really good frosting and flavorful, not-dry cake. There's nothing worse than bad cake, so if it's not amazing, then pie.
  • @leafyarch - Sometimes (no reason why) clearblue won't give you a peak reading. I had it happen once last year with the clearblue advanced digital. It said "if you get 9 high readings in a row, then stop testing". not sure about the monitor, if it has the same note in their instruction. That said, sometimes FF is wrong. But I think FF is freaking out because all your pre-O temps are below 97 except for one, so it sees that as a clear temp shift.

    Why are your temps open circles? did you wake up at different times in the am? were you sick or drinking? 

    PS - your stats line on your chart? It looks at your past cycles and shows you which CD (on average) were your fertile days and when AF arrived. So it's just a reference to prior charts. 
    Me: 38 DH: 41
    Married: 2016
    BFP #1 4/23/18, blighted ovum 5/29/18
    BFP#2 7/14/18, DS 4/5/19
  • @chopchop25 - often we put in a fake temp to FF to see if will confirm O. FF requires 3 days of high temps to confirm O. Putting in the fakes is a way we check to see if FF is on target or off its rocker. So if you did that and it gave you crosshairs, your temperature staying high is confirming that you did ovulate this month. :) 

    Solid crosshairs are a definite confirmation. Dotted crosshairs will make an appearance if FF THINKS you O'd, but isn't completely sure. This can happen b/c of some temp fluctuations OR dotted will appear if you use the OPK/Monitor interpretation method. 

    Feel free to post your chart in the chart stalk thread if you have questions, too!
    Me: 38 DH: 41
    Married: 2016
    BFP #1 4/23/18, blighted ovum 5/29/18
    BFP#2 7/14/18, DS 4/5/19
  • thanks @catlady2015! just caught up on that thread - it's super informative!

  • ***Lurking from WTO*** 
    @kristah2 I love "Pake"!!! I actually just made a Boston Cream Poke Cake on Sunday. So easy and so delicious. I may have eaten 2 pieces for dinner last night...
    Me:31 DH:31
    Married: 8/2015

    TTC #1: 4/2017
    Testing: HSG, U/S, BW, and DH's SA all normal
    DX: Unexplained
    8/2018: Clomid + TI = BFN
    9/2018: Clomid + TI + Progesterone = BFN
    11/2018: Clomid + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    12/2018: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone \\ Cancelled due to cyst
    1/2019: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFP! \\ EDD Sept 30th, 2019
    10/7/2019: Healthy baby boy!

    TTC #2: 12/2020
    2/2021: Letrozole + TI

  • @catlady2015 - thanks so much for the info and answering my questions! Maybe monitor is not the right word, I’m using the Clearblue advanced digital connected OPK

    my pre-O temps are always below 97, I have no thyroid :) and I have absolutely no idea why my circles are open, I put drinking on cd 14 and 15, that’s it.

    I really have to get up to speed :o 
    <3 Me: 28 DH: 29
    <3 Married since 2012 dating since 2005.
    <3 Golden Retriever girls (8) and (3), orange feral rescue tabby (1).

    Finally TTC#1 as of 11/2017!
    Thryoidectomy 2007, PCOS, disordered proliferative endometrium.
  • chopchop25chopchop25 member
    edited January 2018
    Also, I was just catching up on daily news and feel like we need to start a fund to buy a couple of these for the group this week.

  • *Lurking from WTO because...PIE*

    Me: 32 | DH: 33
    Met: 2005 | Started Dating: 2009 | Married: 2013

    TTC#1: 06.2014;   BFP: 12.2015; DS Born: August 16, 2016
    TTC#2: 12.2017; BFP: 02.26.2018; CP 03.02.2018
                                BFP: 04.26.2018 DD Born: December 26, 2018
    Surprise Pregnancy #3; BFP: 01.11.2020; Due Date: September 19, 2021

  • @leafyarch - you have about a 15 minute window each morning to get a solid circle. If it falls outside that, it will consider it outside your normal wake-up time and give you an open circle. 

    If you just started temping, that time will shift as it learns what your normal wake-up time is. For example, if you started on a weekend and got up later, it would think you were off for your normal Monday time. As you enter more data, your current wake-up time will become your usual wake-up time as long as you keep it the same. :) So if you just started temping, FF is getting to know you and it will adjust. :) 
    Me: 38 DH: 41
    Married: 2016
    BFP #1 4/23/18, blighted ovum 5/29/18
    BFP#2 7/14/18, DS 4/5/19
  • extremely late to the party...

    Month/Cycle: 7/7
    Cycle Day/DPO: 28/2?
    Timing: not good at all
    Typical LP length: 12
    Testing: no plans
    R/R: Finally got a positive OPK on CD 25. Was not expecting to O so late and hence timing was terrible. Just waiting for AF to come at this point but I guess it will be a while. 
    CS/Q: -
    GTKY: Which do you think is better?  Cake or pie? Cake!! love strawberry cheesecake in particular 
  • blumoon18blumoon18 member
    edited January 2018
    Month/Cycle: 9/8
    Cycle Day/DPO: 18/2
    Timing: -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 (not sure exactly when I O'd since I'm not temping but we were very busy this cycle
    Typical LP length: 14 days I think
    Testing: I will wait for AF. I tested too soon last time and I had a break down
    R/R: tried the ClearBlue digital and found it annoying to have blinking smileys for 5 days in a row, but it was also enlightening. Perhaps I was missing my O days in the past? Will definitely keep using it 
    CS/Q: Going for my HSG end of February. My mother had POF so we're trying to make sure we catch anything early. (Already had SA, AMH, Progesterone, TSH, Genetic testing, and Hgb Fractionation testing). Do you ladies think it's better to get this IF testing with the OB or with the RE? I guess it doesn't matter too much, as long as the RE can get the results once it's time..? 
    Also anyone doing acupuncture notice a massive increase in sleepiness? I have been doing it every week this cycle and feel more exhausted than usual. Or perhaps it's all the N&C we've been doing.. ha

    GTKY: Which do you think is better?  Cake or pie? cake- no doubt
  • @catlady2015 thanks so much for the FF insights! You’re a wiz! I wake up at a fairly consistent time, but it DOES vary about 30 mins back and forth (depending on when I have to be at office). That 15 min rule is great to know.

    I’ve been temping for 2+ years but just started using FF and backlogged everything into it. I went back and saw that when I was backlogging this weekend it was noting my times at the time I entered them, which was 3 PM! It’s weird because I did the data transfer on my computer, and didn’t enter times, but in the APP it logged the time of day I put in time on old dates. #technology
    <3 Me: 28 DH: 29
    <3 Married since 2012 dating since 2005.
    <3 Golden Retriever girls (8) and (3), orange feral rescue tabby (1).

    Finally TTC#1 as of 11/2017!
    Thryoidectomy 2007, PCOS, disordered proliferative endometrium.
  • brb gone to WTO.. hope I don't see any of you there. 
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