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TW Tuesday 1/30

I feel like we've all been running into our fair share of em. Let's hear it! 

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Re: TW Tuesday 1/30

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    @acciocoffee - Anyone telling you how to grieve needs to mind their own B. Especially with grieving. I feel like "you need to be around people" line is cray. They act like if your fine around people you're going to magically be fine when you leave.  Instead it's worse.  You have to pretend to be having fun to make others more comfortable and it's exhausting. I know I always end up feeling worse.  Ugh sorry people are saying that to you.  
    Me:33 & DH:35 - Married 
    TTC 1 since Aug17
    BFP 1- 10/20 ended with EP Lap and left tube removed on 11/20 at 9 weeks.

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  • @acciocoffee My lovetit is a gigantic hug. *TW* You grieve however you need to; no one can tell you what you need to be doing. People don't understand loss and think its nbd to just get up and move on, but it's a different kind of grief all together that no one else can see or feel. MH tried to "make it better" too but that made me all the more angry with him for not just being sad with me. *end TW*

    I'm angry at the doctor who told my sister they would give her the results to her biopsy over the phone, but then called her yesterday and said they wanted to talk about it in person. My whole family was freaking out thinking she was gravely ill, but the results came back today all clear. Seriously?! You'd think these doctors would understand the power of their words and how to convey things so that people don't spend their days terrified that something is wrong with them.
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  • @acciocoffee I am so sorry for what you have had to deal with. I can't imagine. And to people telling you how to grieve, SCREW them. Seriously you need to grieve. However long you need to. And not everyone gets better just by hanging out with people. You stay home and play all those video games! Husbands definitely don't understand the importance of just being sad, and letting those emotions go through it. It's needed, it's why we have them. We love our DH's but unfortunately they don't always understand.

    I have been feeling down today and cried today, and he just says over and over "It'll all be okay", I the only one that hates that sentence? Can't things just feel not okay for a bit? I know he doesn't know what else to say...but I would rather him just say nothing.

    @offtoneverland OMG THAT'S SO DUMB! Whyyy don't doctors understand that?! You would think they would but maybe they are so desensitized or something. So sorry your sister and fam had to deal with that scare!!! But super happy it's all clear!
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  • I'm so glad your sister is ok @offtoneverland, not cool of the doctor though.  
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  • @offtoneverland I was waiting to hear how your sister was doing.  Is her Dr insane?  I can't imagine how freaked out you guys were.  That makes me sick thinking of the stress that caused you all.  I'm so sorry. But I'm sooooo happy she got good news!  That's fantastic!
    Me:33 & DH:35 - Married 
    TTC 1 since Aug17
    BFP 1- 10/20 ended with EP Lap and left tube removed on 11/20 at 9 weeks.

  • @offtoneverland so glad your sister is ok! I really hate when doctors do that. They have to know what it does to people.

    @acciocoffee ugh, I’m sorry you had to deal with all those people who think they have the answers to something they probably can’t even comprehend. It seems like you going out and being fake happy would just make them feel better. That’s not the point. You do you girl! 

    @Whitmore1027 I am so sorry about your long night (just lurked on TWO and caught up.) I hope you’re doing better and off to the movie soon! It sounds like you have a ton on your place right now, and that stress is totally warranted. Feel free to PM if you ever need to vent!

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