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Ovulation Bleeding. When is the big “O”?!

My fiancé and I are TTC. Now back in October I had my period then I had very light pink spotting. Didn’t think of what it was (he was also gone from oct-January). He came back and a few days later my period started. It ended last Wednesday well I had very light pink spotting (only when wipe) that started Thursday-just this Monday. So I’ve been reading and hearing A LOT about ovulation bleeding. Now I read it usually lasts 1-2 days but could go as long as 4-5 days. Mine lasted 5 days exactly! Well if ovulation bleeding happens right on or before ovulation what the heck do I ovulate?! My tracker says I’m ovulating today but according to all the reading on ovulation bleeding I already did? But I also apparently ovulate right after my period so mine isn’t the normal mid cycle like majority women get. I’ve never ever had ovulation bleeding until my fiancé. I read it was an amazing sign of being VERY fertile! So I assume I’ll get pregnant but what worries me is I have no idea when or if I ovulate. Please help this is not our first time TTC


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  • I've always wondered, do you guys like put your QFPs in a spoiler or just put it out there?
    Me:33 & DH:35 - Married 
    TTC 1 since Aug17
    BFP 1- 10/20 ended with EP Lap and left tube removed on 11/20 at 9 weeks.

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