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10 Things Tuesday 1/23

LO arrived 11/9/2018!  We have a baby!
Me: 31 | DH: 39
Married: March 2016
TTC #1/IUD out January 2017
PCOS dx January 2018
Medicated cycle 2.5mg Letrozole CD3-7 February 2018
BFP 3/10/2018!!!! 16DPO Beta 1: 732 | 18DPO Beta 2: 1278

TTGP December Siggy Co-Winner: Favorite Moments from Holiday Movies/TV 
TTGP October Siggy Winner: Animals in Costume 


Re: 10 Things Tuesday 1/23

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  • @chopchop25 I feel you with being grateful. I had a huge feeling of being blessed last week when we had teen temps (and today it's getting to the 60's haha) to have a home, have a heater, having warm clothes, having food...I really don't put a lot of thought to that. We could be so worse off, but I need to remember to count my blessings more often.

    @50Wife Everything Reese's are my FAVORITE!! I have to get hubby to pick me some up! And dude! Science, I feel the same way! Hubby and I just had DNA testing done for fun, and it's SO cool how they can break down your genetics and ancestry!!

    @darkstar42 I sooo wish we had snow here. We never get it except for every few years. Haha
    Me: 30 | DH: 30
    Met: 2005 | Started Dating: 2009 | Married: 2013

    TTC#1: 6.2014;   BFP: 12.2015; DS Born: August 16, 2016
    TTC#2: 12.2017; BFP: 02.26.2018; CP 03.02.2018
                                BFP: 04.26.2018 EDD: 01.07.2019


  • @Whitmore1027 What a good idea with the portraits! What a wonderful affirming gift to yourself (and your SO?)
    @jrm_14 Anything to make a long commute more bearable. Ugh, my commute to the city was awful, just sitting in traffic. I swear people just threw their cars off the road to create havoc sometimes. And is lipsense really worth it? I am staying home for a bit to cut back on stress, but when I go back to work the "not apply lipstick all day" thing has me tempted... 
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