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1/16 Ten things Tuesday

Sometimes these are popular, sometimes they aren’t. You just make a list of ten things, and they don’t have to go together. I always enjoyed them because they’re always super random, but I like getting random thoughts out of my head. 


Re: 1/16 Ten things Tuesday

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  • @ivyvines6 I just did my nails! It had been months and months. I keep looking at them and getting confused because I'm not used to it. Like my hands aren't allowed to look nice or something lol 

    @sparklingdiamond I need a vacation too :( it feels like everyone I know is going on one right around now. So jealous 
  • @suchaglencoco nope.  I've been watching friends reruns and he was cute then and cute now.  Except he's not as good looking without a mustache, IMO.  He goes in the good-looking older man category for me, along with Harrison Ford.

    @clee5711 hire one.  It is so worth it.  We can only afford once a month right now, but it makes such a big difference.
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  • @sparklingdiamond which GoT episode was it??
  • @nhardler aw that sign idea is so sweet. What a thoughtful friend. 
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