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Weekly Questions 1/15

Me: 35 * DH: 35
Married: July 2005
DS1: Aug. 2006 * DS2: Dec. 2011 * DS3: Jan: 2014 * DS4: Mar. 2018


Re: Weekly Questions 1/15

  • Poppy0419 said:
    Come out come out wherever you are...random people who keep saying they’re gonna get involved. 

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  • @dee_ao Good luck! I’m not sure if there’s much of a difference between the suppositories and shots in efficacy. The shots took a few weeks to get approved by insurance and also are more expensive, so they might have chosen the suppositories for quicker availability. 
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  • @abhphilly ah, makes sense. Thanks, same to you!
  • @dee_ao - I don't have any experience but that must be so scary. I will be thinking of you and I hope your LO stays put until his/her due date.

    Me: 35 * DH: 35
    Married: July 2005
    DS1: Aug. 2006 * DS2: Dec. 2011 * DS3: Jan: 2014 * DS4: Mar. 2018

  • I am sorry you're dealing with this.
    It came up in my last pregnancy because my cervical length was oly 2.3 cm at one point. DD was head down and it seemed to be causing some funneling. At our next appointment, her brother had seemed to have moved off of her a bit and she was able to go higher in my uterus and my cervical length went up to 3 cm. Definitely scary time for us. And they continued to watch it.
    We discussed progesterone shots, but never got to that step since it seemed my length was at an ok level.
    Due to other issues along with this, I ended up getting steroid injections to help develop the twins' lungs in case I went into early labor. Worked out well as I delivered at 35w4d. That may be something to ask about at a later appointment. 

  • @glitzandglitter Thank you, it's definitely nerve racking but I'm trying to remain positive and realistic about all possible outcomes. @suchaglencoco They don't seem to think mine will lengthen for whatever reason. I had asked about the steroids and they said they would use that if I was showing signs of labor because I can only get two rounds of those steroid injections. I'm meeting with my primary doctor on Tuesday, so I'll definitely ask her to explain that option.  I'm glad your babies were fine. 35 weeks is what I'm hoping for and it seems soooo far away.
  • I don’t have any experience but I am Sending everyone safe and healthy baby wishes. 

    Did anyone use the halo co-sleeper or anything similar? We used the pack n play with DS but I’ve been thinking about trying this just wasn’t sure if it was worth the money when we already have the pack n play. 

  • @clee5711 a couple of my friends have the halo bassinet and love it. I'm hoping to borrow theirs but if not I'll buy my own. They rave about it. 
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