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Twins names!

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Husband and I are having boy/girl twins in May and we're trying to find the best combo for names! We like the idea of same letters for first names, but not opposed to opposites. Please help us decide :) 

Twins names! 51 votes

Logan and Leah (pronounced like Star Wars Leia)
9% 5 votes
Andrew and Aria
15% 8 votes
Edward and Elise (Husband's favorite, so far)
41% 21 votes
Sebastian and Sadie (my favorite, so far)
19% 10 votes
Matteo and Maria
13% 7 votes

Re: Twins names!

  • I'm a twin parent and in being so have read a few books about twin psychology. In one book they talk about making sure names are not too "matchy" because it was something twins hated as they grew up. I voted Sebastian and Sadie, I like both names and the fact that they sound nice together but feel different.
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  • Another vote for using Leia if that's the pronunciation you want. 

    I voted for Matteo and Maria. They aren't too matchy and both names are just really refreshing for me. I certainly haven't heard either of them recently (tho I live in redneck-ville where people name their kids after guns, so...)
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  • If you want it pronounced Leia, name her Leia.

    i don’t like the same letter for twins. You have some good names, but I would allow them to be separate people! I voted for Andrew and Aria but also like Elise, Sadie, Logan and Sebastian 
  • I agree with @Tawny87.  I’m a twin mom too.  I feel it’s important for twins to have their own identity.  You will find they are very much their own people.  I would just choose your favorite names, period.  Not same beginning letters.
  • If you want Leah to be pronounced Leia, you should just spell it Leia, because you will constantly be correcting everyone. I personally side eye names like this for that reason. It’s pronounced Lee-ah. But if you don’t mind correcting everyone, choose what you like! I actually voted for Sebastian and Sadie! Love both those names and they go well together. 
  • I really like your names and suggest switching them up. 

    Andrew and Elise 
    Sebastian and Aria 
    Logan and Maria

    No to Leah considering the pronunciation you are going for. 
  • Thanks everyone!! My great grandmother was Leah and pronounced it Leia (before Star Wars time lol), so that's why I liked it originally. @nanner829 oooh I really like the Sebastian and Aria combination!
  • @Tawny87 yes I love the Sebastian and Sadie combination. It's unique but not in like a weird way. Something about it just rolls off the tongue nicely though, right?! We'll see what hubby says. He's pretty adamant about the "E" combo
  • @katievela if Leah has significance as a family name, maybe you can make it her middle name.
  • Tawny87 said:
    On the twin naming front I just met two 18 month old twins named Sheldon and Leonard... No. Just no.
    Oh goodness. that's a no from me! lol. But yes, as far as your Leah middle name comment goes, that's a great point!! I don't know why we didn't think of that!
  • Way too isnt cute

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