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Boyfriend broke up with me and kicked me out at 7 months pregnant!!! Help

I really just need advice and support. My boyfriend of 3 years suffers from PTSD (doesn’t get help with) and he just broke up with me spontaneously and I’m 7 months pregnant. All he said was “you deserve better and I want you to be happy with someone else.” He refused to leave our condo that we had together and forced me out, told me to “get the fuck out” I have so much resentment now and hate in my heart and idk how to go on. I’m being so strong for my baby and trying to eat and get plenty of rest but this has been the most stressful and worst thing that’s ever happened to me!! any advice?? This is not what I had planned and that’s what makes me so sad

Re: Boyfriend broke up with me and kicked me out at 7 months pregnant!!! Help

  • First of all, I hope you have somewhere safe to go.  Do you have family or friends to stay with?  Priority #1 right now is your and your baby's safety.  After that, as hard as it is, I would say let him go.  If he has PTSD that he doesn't have under control and isn't willing/able to get help with, then he needs to take care of that before he can help and care for a baby.  I know it is heartbreaking for you and being pregnant certainly doesn't help, but honestly when the baby comes, I would want a loving, safe, and stable environment for my baby.  Please don't misunderstand and think I want you to cut the father out of the baby's life, but you need to take care of you and your baby.  I am so sorry though.  As you said, this is not what any mother plans for when they get pregnant.  Hang in there!


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  • Omg im so sorry you are going through this !  As said here where are you staying and do you have support and advice ? He should’ve left , PTSD is no excuse to treat you like this ? Seriously ... sounds at this point in time you are better being safely away from him. 
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  • Im so sorry for what you're going through! I don't think ptsd would be a reason to make you leave instead of him, but either way just focus on your health for your baby! He or she will be such a light for you when they are born. Keep your head up, you don't deserve to be treated that way 
  • hi any update ? how are you going ?
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