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What's your favorite baby products?

mrsmamajeanmrsmamajean member
edited January 2018 in Babies: 0 - 3 Months
What products did you all absolutely need for baby? Or which ones saved your life? Any suggestions would help! Thank you!

Re: What's your favorite baby products?

  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing member
    edited January 2018
    I'm glad you like them, and this stuff worked for you.

    Different thoughts - they don't seem like that great of articles to me. I used absolutely zero of the items on the "magical" products list. 

    I also didn't use any of the "must haves," except baby lotion, so they obviously aren't "must haves." 

    ETA: Ah, upon further reading, I see this is your site. The terms of use you agreed to when you signed up prohibit you from soliciting business, which you are doing because you are trying to get people to your site that you make money off of. You've been reported. 
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