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Product Guide: Baby Wearing Gear

Please review what you have used and feel free to ask questions! Let’s make those New Years Resolutions happen! 

  • Product used:
  • Link/picture:
  • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.):
  • Pros:
  • Cons:
  • Is there another one you don't have but are considering? Why?:
  • Additional thoughts on baby wearing gear:

Re: Product Guide: Baby Wearing Gear

  • I used the ergo and really loved it! I got a deal that included the infant insert. The one I have is only for baby facing the wearer but it is front and back wearing. 

    I think I spent $150, but it's worth it to me! A friend let me borrow a moby wrap but I found it too difficult to tie. I know a lot of people love them though. 

    If I were to buy it again, I would buy the 360 because I think you can have the baby forward facing which is nice when they're older.


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  • Poppy0419ivyvines6JNCPro3130jenbabymama
  • Yay one of my favorite topics!!
    • Product used: I started off with the Boba Wrap
    • Link/picture:
    • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.): The basic one is only $40
    • Pros: I thought this was great as an intro to wraps.  It was easy to learn how to use.  The best part is that you can wrap it on yourself ahead of time and then slide your baby in once you're ready.  It made it easy to use on the go.  My daughter loved it and it was comfortable for me too.
    • Cons: It's made out of a stretchy jersey material so it got loose easily, especially once baby starts moving around.  I only used this for about 4 months because of that.  It'd also probably be too hot to use in the summer.  And there's only one way you can wear it - baby on your front, facing you. 
    • Is there another one you don't have but are considering? Why?: I ended up getting a woven wrap (see below) which I love

    • Product used: I now use a woven cotton wrap made by Baby SaBye
    • Link/picture:
    • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.): I think it was about $140
    • Pros: I love this!! You can do really any sort of front or back carry and once you learn them, they're easy to do.  The cotton is light weight so it's good to use in warm weather.  But it's really sturdy and supportive and stays tight while you're wearing it.  I've worn it on hikes before and had no issues.  I nursed my daughter in it all the time if I needed to be up and moving.  And it's sooo pretty! 
    • Cons: I probably would have been confused about how to use it if this was my first wrap.  But there are so many good videos online that show you how to use it correctly so it's not hard to learn.  Really the only bad part about learning to wrap with this is that you can't wrap it on yourself first, like you can with the Boba or other jersey wraps.  So it takes some practice to do the carries while holding your baby in place.  
    • Is there another one you don't have but are considering? Why?: Nope.  I want to get so many more like this though with all different patterns.  If only it wasn't an expensive thing to collect.  
  • For the woven/knit wraps like the Solly/Moby etc, I would Wrap it before I left the house so when I got to where I was going, I could pop baby in and go. 
  • When we had DS, we had a Ktan, Baby Bjorn, and a ring sling. I liked the Ktan the best out of those. I bought a Tula when he was about 8 months old and wish I had bought it sooner. It was the most comfortable for me to wear and DS seemed to like it the most. I like that you can front and back carry with it. I plan of getting the newborn insert for this baby and using it from the beginning. 
  • I had a Moby wrap and Ergo 360 with DD. I loved them both. The Moby was great for the first few months when she was teeny and while I did use the infant insert with the Ergo I preferred that carrier for when she was bigger (4m+). 

    I plan to also get a Tula this time around. I did a lot of baby wearing with DD and I think I’ll do it even more with #2.
  • 1: Líllíbaby complete all seasons


    3: I think I spent around $150 or $175 on it?

    4: J loved being carried while I was able to, and it made Disney days a million times easier! It also wore him while teaching a few times, and that was great. I was easily able to adjust it to nurse him, and if he passed out I had the ability to lift the neck support up. 

    5: My isn’t complaint is that when it was hot I would unzip the temperature panel but I used it for my keys and credit cards when he was on my front, so I would end up with a flap hanging off us and hitting my legs constantly... 

    6: I kind of want to get a Tula just for some variety of carriers, but I need to find a toddler sized one that also easily accommodates plus sizes for MH to use. 

    7: I never forward face in the carrier because there’s a theory it can lead to hip dysplasia, and I never wanted to risk it, even though it’s an option in a lot of carriers now. 

    1: CuddleBug Wrap


    3: I know the person who bought it for me only spent around $30 on it on amazon, but it’s listed there for $50

    4: It was easy to figure out, and J would fall asleep in it like immediately when I finished putting him in. It also matched like everything because I had the grey one :lol:

    5: I was freaking hot... I would usually just wear nothing under it at home but yoga pants, and I dreaded wearing him outside of the house in it because it just didn’t breathe well. He also sized our of it really quickly, became it only accommodates up to 35lbs. It became really obvious when he was getting too big for it without weighing him though.
  • mlindzzmlindzz member
    edited December 2017
    • Product used: Baby Ktan
    • Link/picture:
    • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.): roughly $75
    • Pros: It was comfortable and easy to use, my son loved it, countless options for how to wear it, it also holds toddlers (up to 30lbs), material held up wonderfully despite many washes (I’m happy to use it for round two)! 
    • Cons: It fit me great, but my husband had to use something different (he used one of the long one piece scarf looking pieces and loved it as well).  it would have been nice if we only had to purchase one. 
    • Is there another one you don't have but are considering? Why?: N/A
    • Additional thoughts on baby wearing gear:
  • SaVy_05SaVy_05 member
    edited December 2017
    • Product used: lillebaby embossed and airflow, moby wrap, and baby k'tan.
    • Link/picture: lillebaby and SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby – The COMPLETE Embossed Luxe (Noir Black) Wrap Evolution, Charcoal K’tan ORIGINAL Cotton Wrap style Baby Carrier, Black, Small
    • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.): lillebaby- $170, but they run amazing sales, moby- $35ish, ktan- $50ish
    • Pros: lillebaby is super comfy, no infant insert for the complete, great versatility for carry positions and multiple users, and the company is amazing.  Moby and baby k'tan are very snuggly and and comfy.
    • Cons: lillebaby is pricier without a sale. All three can be a bit of a learning curve, moby especially. Moby and baby k'tan aren't very comfy after a few months. Baby k'tan has sizes, so if multiple wearer's it won't always work for everyone.  
    • Is there another one you don't have but are considering? Why?: a ring sling, I'm mostly interested in one for the earlier days without having to deal with wrapping. Possibly a tula, but only for when baby is bigger, I'm so happy with my lillebabys that I'd probably only get a tula if I found an excellent deal to have an extra carrier
    • Additional thoughts on baby wearing gear: many carriers are suited better for different wearers, not everyone is going to like the sane one.  Find a friend,  babywearing meeting, target, etc to try them on. 
  • Love the Ergo360, but didn’t like the infant insert. Used it closer to six months maybe? Still use for 2.5 year old. 
    For infants, I prefer a tight, adjustable wrap. We like the moby. 
    3-9 ish months the baby bjorn was nice. 

    You could for for sure live without the bjorn (it was nice and a gift but I wouldn’t suggest needing three carriers!) the ergo has without a doubt gotten the most use, just not a fan for infants, that’s the one con.
  • @tincupchalice I’m impressed! If I was skilled enough to make them, I’d have more! They are just so expensive to purchase! 
  • Does anyone have one you liked for BFing? We're typically on the go in the summer so I'd like something I could easily use for BFing.


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  • Does anyone have one you liked for BFing? We're typically on the go in the summer so I'd like something I could easily use for BFing.
    Moby was great for me and DD1
  • Does anyone have one you liked for BFing? We're typically on the go in the summer so I'd like something I could easily use for BFing.
    Already mentioned how easy the líllíbaby complete all seasons was to Breastfeed in. It’s also really breathable for hot summer months.
  • Does anyone have one you liked for BFing? We're typically on the go in the summer so I'd like something I could easily use for BFing.
    I found with my tula that I'd have to undo the top strap and slip a shoulder out.  I generally preferred to nurse in some sort of wrap - infinitely adjustable!
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  • ivyvines6 said:
    Does anyone have one you liked for BFing? We're typically on the go in the summer so I'd like something I could easily use for BFing.
    Already mentioned how easy the líllíbaby complete all seasons was to Breastfeed in. It’s also really breathable for hot summer months.
    You did! I'm sorry! I read through but my son was hanging on me at the time. I must have missed it.


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  • @JNCPro3130 I found the moby easy to bf in. I am intrigued by something lighter weight though. It’s going to be hot AF in the summer here  :#
  • Sorry, don’t have links handy right now. Used the Boba wrap with DD during the floppy newborn stage, it is awesome. Was able to nurse in it easily too. 

    I am fully, 100% on the Tula train. There are a few different kinds - standard (15 lbs +, need an infant insert under 15 lbs); toddler (2T pants+); free to grow (FTG) - 7 lbs +. You don’t need an insert with the FTG.

    They can run anywhere from 100ish go over a grand (no joke). I love them because they’re versatile, easy to nurse in, and great prints. You just can’t have baby facing out, but we’ve never had an issue with that with DD. 

    H has a lillebaby that he really likes. We have our own because there’s a considerable height difference between the two of us.

    We babywear a lot - in fact, we did Disney with no stroller and just wore her. She naps really well in them too! 
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  • I am so torn between the Lilliebaby and Tula. I’m probably just going to check for sales. I plan to baby wear much more often with #2 because I know it will make it easier to chase after #1 and I’m hoping to avoid buying a double stroller for awhile.
    We had an Eddie Bauer carrier from Target for Our first and I hate it. I felt like it cut into his chunky legs no matter what we did. It was easier just to put him in the stroller or use the infant carrier in a cart while shopping. 
    I was given a Sullly wrap which I found confusing for awhile but I eventually got the hang of it. I will give it a try again this time. 
  • If you are new to babywearing and want a SSC at first,  I absolutely loved this infantino newborn carrier and will use it again: Infantino Up Close Newborn Carrier, Grey

    I have the lillebaby all seasons like a lot of other people and will use that when she gets a little bigger.  I want a Tula,  but after already having the lillebaby, should probably spend the money differently. 

  • @holli0801 if you liked moby, but want something lighter try Solly Wraps!
  • Thanks, @kpc914 I will check them out!!
  • I have a Moby and an Ergo. The Moby was nice but it was soooooo much fabric, and such a pain to get on. It was a huge production to do anything. With #2 we got an Ergo and it was wonderful- we're not much for strollers and are out and about a lot, so we used it constantly- made it much easier to run after #1. Pretty sure #3 will pretty much live in the Ergo. 
  • I love the ktan! I couldn't do the moby with my first so he rarely got worn. I hated the moby so much. The ktan is sized and DH and I can't wear the same size so he had to use the moby some with our second who loved being worn. 

    I have the beco Gemini, which I think is pretty similar to an ergo but doesn't require an infant insert. 

    Also love the tula, but we have the toddler one for when they are bigger. Gemini filled the need until then! 
  • @molly1108-2 (and others who used the k'tan): How long were you able to use the k'tan for? I'm registering for that and the Ergo Omni 360, since people don't love the Ergo for newborns, but I'm wondering if it's worth the $50 for the amount of time it'll be helpful. If baby still fits in it I can see the k'tan being better than the ergo for trying to get things done around the house while holding him, but the Ergo more comfortable for longer outings.
  • @abhphilly I think you have it right- ktan is great around the house and ergo (or another structured carrier) is better for out and about. I think we probably used the ktan to some extent for 4-5 months, but the challenge with wraps for me is eventually I need more back support. Maybe that's just in my head. I also get to the point where I want them to get used to sleeping in a crib or elsewhere and not on me, bouncing, snuggled all the time so I probably cut off use before I would have to. But it was truly invaluable to us for baby 2. He wanted to be held constantly and especially when he got to the witching hour age, I couldn't do anything with our older son or even move if I hadn't had the ktan. It was the best $50 we spent for the second kiddo! 
  • I loved my Mei Tai. Very affordable and I also liked how it could be used in front or in back. It was a great upgrade from my Moby (listed below), especially as DD got bigger, heavier, and squirmier. It was super easy to put on, although if you're in a muddy/wet parking area, it can be tricky to put on and get baby in without getting the long straps dirty/wet. I got mine for $25 almost 3 years ago.

    My first wrap was the Moby. It took some practice to get the hang of how tight/loose to wrap it, but once I found the best way, it fit baby very snugly. It was also great when she was still teeny tiny because you can carry them around all snug with their feet tucked in. One con was I had to keep readjusting because the fabric would stretch. I wore it to teach dance class (she wouldn't let anyone else as the studio hold her, she was a dramatic little girl) and that was when I noticed most of the stretching. It makes sense, but it was still a bit of a pain to constantly be readjusting during class. I paid about $15 almost 3 years ago.

    I bought a ring sling from Etsy 3 years ago and could never get the hang of it. I may try it again with this baby, but it may be finding a new home if I still have trouble. I think I paid around $35 for the one I got. I know there's several different fabrics/brands out there, so I may have gotten a more difficult one and didn't know it.

    A friend gave me her Baby Bjorn for free. While it was convenient for my very first carrier, it really hurt my shoulders and back and after doing some research, found out it was considered a "crotch dangler" which have a bit of a bad rap for not being good on baby's hips. I didn't use it much at all and plan on either donating it or putting it in a yard sale.
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  • @abhphilly I find that carriers like the ktaan are only good up to 15lbs or so.  
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  • @abhphilly and @Poppy0419 FTM here, but my SIL used Solly until her baby was 14 months (25lbs). But, her baby spent at least 3 hrs a day in the wrap and was really used to it. Everyone is different, but you may get some good use out of never know! I plan to use the solly for as long as possible, and then use the tula the rest of the time (since Tula has higher weight limit)
  • Lots of interesting carrier brands I haven't heard of! I'll definitely be checking them out more online. I had the beulga baby wrap on my list which I assume is similar to the ktaan. Thanks ladies! 
    • Product used: didymos didysling
    • Link/picture: the site I originally ordered from no longer sells the brand and being in the uk now I can only find a uk site
    • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.): I want to say I paid around $100/125
    • Pros: breathable and easy to get in quickly. Always put my daughter to sleep. 
    • Cons: I chose a cotton and linen blend that took a few wears to break it in and not be so itchy. 
    • Is there another one you don't have but are considering? Why?: nope. I kept it and will def be using again and maybe even by another in a new color! 
    • Additional thoughts on baby wearing gear: I hated the ergo! It was so hot and bulky and didn’t distribute weight properly for me really hurting my back.   
    • Product used: baby hawk mei tai 
    • Link/picture:
    • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.): $100
    • Pros: great for back carrying when baby gets bigger. It’s now my carrier of choice for 2 year old. Multiple carry and tie options.
    • Cons: don’t have any 
    • Is there another one you don't have but are considering? Why?: no 
  • @kpc914 thanks for the suggestion of Solly wraps! I think this will be a life saver in the summer heat! Totally getting one! 
  • @kpc914 haaa!!! That’s great! I wouldn’t be shocked if we ended up with several.. my husband wants a different color than I do  :p
    They are all the same wraps right? Are some just more expensive bc they are patterned and not solid? I couldn’t tell any difference on their website. 
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