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Help! Julian, Kingston, or Luca

I still have 4 months until baby boy is born but I like all 3 of these names and can't decide, DH likes them all as well. 

Which name do you like the best? Open to suggestions as well. 

Re: Help! Julian, Kingston, or Luca

  • Julian is my favorite, but Luca is fine too. 

    Kingston sounds kinda trashy. 


  • Definitely Julian. It’s a solid name 

    Luca is pretty popular now (at least where I’m at), so although I like the name, I’m kind of tired of it. 

    Kingston is not a real first name imo, and also in the trendy category 
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  • I like Julian or Luca, though I prefer that you use Luca if you have ties to a language or ethnicity that makes sense with the spelling (I.e. Eastern European). Not a fan of Kingston
  • Julian by far

    Luca is good too but I agree with PP about having a cultural reason 

    I dislike Kingston
  • Julian
    Me (31) & DH (32)
    Married 9/27/2014
    DD Born 6/23/16
    Baby #2 Due 3/7/20
  • Thanks for all the input!! I feel the same about Kingston - I like it, but it sounds pretentious to me or just kind of trendy. it's a guilty pleasure name but not one I think I would really use. 

    Im in love with Julian and DH's favorite is Luca so those are our final 2. I never thought about the cultural aspect of Luca, but my mom is full blooded Italian and I think Luca is a popular name in Italy but I'm not entirely sure about that. 
  • Love Luca!! 
  • kingston is awful

    I am not a fan of julian - i know i is a  male name but it just feels too feminine for me

    luca gets my vote

  • Julian is very English sounding (kind of like Graham, to me). Luca is very Italian. Kingston is very made up.
  • Kingston is pretty bad.
    I LOVE Luca and would choose this one.
    Julian is just fine in my eyes.
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