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Appendicitis vs Round Ligament Pain

Nearly a week ago, I was sitting down eating lunch and got a horrible pain in the lower right hand side of my stomach. The only thing that made it feel minorly better was going #1. I have continued to have this pain every day since then (will be a week tomorrow), but it has been kind of sporadic. I went in for an ultrasound today to make sure it wasn't an ovarian cyst and was told is wasn't. She also tried to find my appendix and said since she couldn't see it on the ultrasound that it means it's probably not inflamed and not appendicitis. However, after she was pushing around on it this morning during the ultrasound, it has gotten progressively worse. I can't hardly change positions (sitting -> standing, sitting -> laying down, etc) without it being like a 7/10 on the pain scale. Other symptoms include veru mild nausea, achy muscles that feel like I'm getting the flu that come and go and probably unrelated but a SUPER sore throat. My question is, has anyone ever experienced something similar to this and what did it end up being? If it's not better in the morning, I may go to the ER to have it checked out again. I just can't sleep because I'm so worried about a missed diagnosis causing a problem with my baby. I'm 25 weeks along and have had one miscarriage so I'm absolutely terrified to risk anything. Please, please help!

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  • Call your doctor, for sure. It sounds like it's only happening when you move and you said it's sporadic, which would indicate it's not appendicitis or a hernia (which I was afraid of for myself), but it's better to ask then keep quiet. My RLP is pretty excruciating, but it goes away when I sit down so my doc said that means it's RLP. It also happens sometimes when I change positions abruptly while laying down, but again, it goes away.

    TL;DR call your doctor, better safe than sorry.
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  • I experienced similar pain back in June. I thought it was my iud that moved but it wasn’t. I had gone to ER and since i wasn’t showing the fast sickness that happens with appendicitis they dismissed it. The pain continued especially sleep on my side or moving. I saw my primary doc in September who ordered an ultrasound. They saw something but assumed kidney stone. So they sent me for CT scan. Turns out i had an object stuck in my appendix that was causing the pain and inflammation. But i never got really sick. Within days of getting results i got my appendix removed via lap and my pain is gone. I feel like ER didn’t bother to really look since i wasn’t “sick”. I hope you find out what it is! 

    I feel my RLP in different places not always the same place. So if it’s the same place all the time it could be something else. 
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    I had appendicitis 5 years ago and it did not feel like how are describing. Mine felt like a dull burning on my left side; however everyone is different!!!!
    Perhaps you should inquire about your gallbladder. I hear pregnancy can cause or worsen gallstones.
    Since your symptoms are worsening then I agree with PP in that you need to contact your doctor ASAP. 
    My RLP was brief and very severe. 
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  • I know you said stomach, but is the pain near your ovaries? I was diagnosed with diverticulosis in February and the pain was similar to what you’re describing. Unfortunately they can’t diagnose it without a colonoscopy and you’d need to see a gastroenterologist. 
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