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Baby name help, little time!!!

i have about a week and a half left until i meet my precious little girl and i am still stuck on a name! Here are my options: 

1. Athena Violet 
2. Luna Seraphine 
3. Leia Josephine 

Also open to another unique/different  names? Throw out ur suggestions!!!

Re: Baby name help, little time!!!

  • Leia Josephine gets my vote
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  • I like Athena best, but not with Violet (my mind immediately changes it to violent because Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war)

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  • I like Luna best! ... suggest Arden, Fiona, Iris, Etta 
  • Any middle names to go with Athena?
  • I’d love  Leah Josephine but not a fan of Leia.  

    For Athena middle names I prefer short ones maybe 

    Athena Ruth
    Athena Joy
    Athena Celeste
    Athena Ruby
    Athena Elise 

    other suggestions for first names 

  • Athena Violet, for sure! 

    Lucy Seraphine is fine, but neither name is my cup of tea. 

    Leia Josephine is pretty, and while I'm a huge Star Wars fan, I think that Leia is too Star Wars to be used as a serious name.  Perhaps Leila Josephine or Lena Josephine?

    Other combinations based off of these names:

    Catherine Elizabeth 
    Ella Isabelle
    Eva Rose
    Eloise Harper 
    Evangeline Circe
    Hannah Audrey
    Hera Susan
    Lillith Marjorie
    Michaela Caroline
    Olivia Madeleine 
    Sabine Grace 
    Scarlett Eliza 
  • Really like Violet and Josephine! Agree that Leia is too “Star Wars”, however. And Athena is okay but I’m not a huge fan of god/goddess names for kids, plus agree that it doesn’t flow as well with violet 
  • I like Athena but not paired with Violet. 

    I also love Josephine but it's too classic to be stuck in the MN spot to me.  

  • I love Josephine! Josephine Violet maybe. Also I know someone named Josephine who goes by Jody. I love calling a girl Jo. Good luck!
  • Athena is my favorite of the 3, but I love the name Josephine and Violet too. 
  • Boyfriend had decided that we are going to use Athena as a FN so any suggestions on a middle name that will fit well with Athena?
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