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Team green Boy

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Cole is DHs middle name and would love to use.  We both like different first names but were at least bringing these to hospital.  Last name is one syllable and ends with s sound.  

Caleb Cole is DHs favorite but not feeling it yet.  Zachary is a family name I can slide in.  

Team green Boy 41 votes

Jacob Cole
41% 17 votes
Caleb Cole
12% 5 votes
Bradley Cole
31% 13 votes
Caleb Zachary
14% 6 votes

Re: Team green Boy

  • I voted Jacob Cole but I also like the combination of Zachary Cole.

  • I second Zachary Cole but voted for Caleb Cole
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  • I also like Zachary Cole the best, after that would be Bradley Cole.
  • While I agree that combo works beautifully, we can’t use that as a first name.  Thanks for your input though!!
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