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Weve narrowed our girl choices down to 3....we don’t have middle names yet so please comment with suggestions!!!! 

Please vote-girl 72 votes

8% 6 votes
84% 61 votes
6% 5 votes

Re: Please vote-girl

  • Goldie is definitely a NN to me. Im a huge fan of Maren. 
  • I like them all a lot....Goldie is a family name so I love that about it!!! Thanks for your input!!!!!
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  • Maren by a long shot. 

  • Maren for sure or I love the idea from @msmonalisavito of Marigold with nn Goldie. Austin I really feel is more for boys personally. 
  • Marigold or Golda would give her more options/some individuality, but Maren Goldie could be a good fit if Goldie is a family name.
  • Maren  100%
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  • I had a friend named Goldie growing up. Such a cute name. I'm pretty sure it was her full name, but I could be wrong. I love the idea of Marigold though, with a nickname of Goldie. I've never thought of that before.
  • Aw thanks!! I just kind of have a problem with giving someone a name I never plan to names Kathryn and I’ve gone by Katie my whole life....and my parents didn’t really ever plan to use Kathryn....and now that I’m older I find it annoying that I have to use Kathryn for everything because it doesn’t feel like me! Idk if that makes sense to anyone but thank you Jenbkc for your comment!!!
  • Goldie is a NN.  Might be cute for a toddler, but an adult in the professional world needs to have a more serious sounding name to fall back on.
    Austin is 100% boy.

    Maren is a little-used classic that is strong and not super-girly.  
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