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Dragging Stroller Dirt into your Home

I love going for walks with my 16 month old, but I HATE coming home with a ton of dirt on my stroller wheels. Our apartment is carpeted and I come home bringing germs and muck and dirt and also end up dirtying my carpet. I've tried wiping the wheels with a wipe but its too time consuming and when my little one is asleep the last thing I want to do is disturb him by lifting the stroller to clean the wheels. I don't know if its a clean freak thing but with my son crawling in the same path I've wheeled my stroller is so icky.

How does everyone manage with the dirty stroller wheels dirtying your home? Please help!!

Re: Dragging Stroller Dirt into your Home

  • Do you really have carpet right inside the door? I've never heard of that! Could you try those plastic protectors or even a rug?
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  • Yeah I'm thinking maybe a rug or doormat right inside the door would help?

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  • I second a rug or doormat, but we personally do not bring the stroller inside our house. Babies come out, then stroller either goes in the shed, garage, or back of the SUV. Not possible for somebody with a car and an apartment though, I realize. If you have a water hose handy, maybe rinse the wheels down, then spray with some Lysol?
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