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Love this boy name but not sure...

My husband and I love the name Raphael but we arent sure we could pull it off for our baby boy. My husband and I are very Canadian but we have an italian last name. My husband's grandfather is full italian. I like Jason too. Was thinking either...
Raphael Jason or
Jason Raphael. 

Any thoughts?

Re: Love this boy name but not sure...

  • I love Raphael personally. We are Italian and it was a name we tossed around a few times but never made a final list because each time we had a kid a new Teenage Mutant Ninja movie seemed to be on the scene. I think Jason is nice too but very different style wise.

  • Love it! It will go great with an Italian last name. Don’t worry about being Canadian. Raphael is used in other cultures too (its not just Italian) Im 100% Polish (my parents are immigrants) There are many names I love that are used in Poland/Eastern Europe, but heavily associated with other countries. It’s kinda annoying when people think I’m giving my child an Italian, or French, or Spanish,, when really it’s a name used in many countries/cultures and does not belong to one particular country. Raphael falls into that category.
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  • To add to my comment is more on the name. I love this website to learn more about particular names. It seems the name is most popular in France, but you can see other countries and variations of the name.
  • I think Raphael works fine with an Italian last name. I have a very German last name, so I’ve been looking at names that at least sound okay in German. Rafe is a cute option as a nn also
  • Thanks for all the positive thoughts. I know Raphael is most popular in France and I know it's a name of one of the archangels. I don't mind the ninja turtle reference. I love the nn raffie even. Haha
  • I say use it in the mn spot.  Jason Raphael flows nicely!  
    High School English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 12th grade
    DS, born 8/25/04 -- 7th grade
  • I like it but not with Jason. Just such different styles. 
  • I like it, but not with Jason. Jason is so 1970's Americana. I suggest finding a family name for the mn spot. 
  • 1000 jasons
    use raphael it is wonderful

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