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Top names: poll

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Just want to get feedback on my current girl names. We should be able to find out what we are having next week! Haven’t narrowed down boy options yet. Thanks! 

Note: #2 and #3 would possibly be double names, hence the parenthesis. 

Top names: poll 52 votes

Maisie Lucille
15% 8 votes
Adeline (Addie) Ruth
38% 20 votes
Cara (Beth)any
46% 24 votes

Re: Top names: poll

  • I like Cara a lot I don’t like it as a double name with Beth though. 

    Double names are just not a thing where I live and they scream country and southern to me

  • Fair enough. We live in the south, and they are pretty common here. :) 
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  • I like Cara with Bethany as the middle.  Adeline Ruth is lovely too but Adeline is very popular in some areas. Annabel Ruth would be a nice alternative.  Not a fan of Maisie.
  • Maisie is just too much in my book.  Addie gets at that "little old lady" vibe without being too "out there."  Cara is 1980's to me.
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