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Cloth diapering

Anyone cloth diapering? I have a stash built up, but we haven’t made the transition from disposables yet. We’re waiting for Matilda to get a little bigger so she’ll fit into one size diapers and covers. I have to admit, I’m going to miss having that blue line telling me when we have a wet diaper!

What kinds of diapers do you have in your stash (flats, covers, AIO’s, etc.)? How’s it going? Challenges/successes? Is there anything you would have done differently?

Re: Cloth diapering

  • Yes!!!!! We are cloth diapering as well. I have a few thirstiest newborn AIOs we use but not enough for full time. Now that he is bigger i have been trialing our one size the last few days. I have quite a few thirstiest AIOs, some mama koala and Alva baby pocket diapers, some best bottom covers and inserts, a few smart bottom AIOs and some funky fluffs. So far he fits well into the thirstiest OS and the FF ones. Those are awesome for night time, he’s a heavy wetter and a few nights ago soaked through 3 disposables in a row, and made it 6 hours no leaks with the FF. 

    They still look so big its boarderline entertaining but I know as he grows that will change 
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  • We do cloth but didn’t start until 2 months with the first two so am waiting. This DD has tiny legs and we use pockets so I’ll probably transition over in January. I will be happy to be done with all the trash but not so much the extra laundry. We use sunbabys but I haven’t gotten them ready yet. Our stash is from DD1 and still working well!  We only do cloth until around 2years at night due to the heavy wetting but keep it up during the day until DDs are wearing underwear. 
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  • We are using disposables, but put a Bumgenius cover on at night. However, he has woken up dry the last 3 nights, even after cluster feeding. He will do his first morning feed (usually 6 am and on) and then fill a diaper with pee. Not sure how / why he's holding it. Haha
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  • We have a big stash from my first son, all bum geniois AIO. We got diapers for our shower so we are just working through those before we start cloth(same thing I did last time) we just opened our last box of diapers so within the next couple weeks we will start cloth! 
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