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Milestone Monday 12-11

Morning ladies! Does waking every hour instead of sleeping through the night count as a milestone? :'( Leap4 is over so I'm assuming we're now in the 4 month sleep regression...or all of this is made up and I just have a baby who now hates sleeping. 

My LO is "talking" a whole lot more, experimenting with different sounds and pitches and giggles when you imitate him. He also is rolling tummy to back a little more consistently (did it twice in a row then got cranky when I tried to make him do it again). He's almost rolling back to belly, gets his whole torso over but his arms are stuck. 

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Re: Milestone Monday 12-11

  • @jkbrownstein any tips on helping LO roll tummy to back?  my little guy has been rolling back to belly for almost a month now and can't get back.  he gets so frustrated sometimes once he gets there but he refuses to use his arms!

    on the 'what counts as a milestone' i'll add - can we count every cold/cough/trip to the doctor?  daycare germs are real.  
  • @cpr79 Lots of tummy time for sure, we also practiced side lying and reaching for toys while on the side. My mom's a physical therapist so she works with him as much as she can. 
    I'm sorry :(
    Think about every cold/cough as his immune system getting stronger. We're not in daycare right now so it means we'll have months of colds later when he does start. 
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  • I’m with you @CPR79 on the daycare germs! Nasty cough happening here! LO is watching every little thing his Big brother does. So fun to watch! Also, lots of sounds. We are close to back to belly rolling. His arm is also getting stuck. He does roll to his side a lot though! 
  • Anyone else's LO have teeth yet?  I had no idea teething worked like this.  Saw a tooth clearly under the gum, a couple of days later I clearly felt that it had cut through a little, the next morning the gum was back over it, cut through again by the end of the day, the next morning the gum was back over it, rinse and repeat.  How long does this go on for??
  • No teeth here yet, so no advise/words of wisdom. 
    New milestone for today...mashed potatoes. We gave him his first taste of food and he couldn’t get enough. So funny to watch 
  • I hear ya on sleep...I use to have such a good sleeper who was showing weekly progress....then we got slapped in the face with frequent night wakings!
  • @jkbrownstein haha. The Bird Bath! 
  • @mindela23 I hear you on that.  Since the day he turned 3 months old LO went down to one night feeding and was a really great sleeper the rest of the night.  This past week he's been really hard to put down and has woken up several times a night.  He's teething, so it could be that, or it could be the 4 month sleep regression (he's 4.5 months).  Although last night he woke up 2 hours after he went to bed and screamed for 30 min.  I didn't even consider trying to feed him b/c he had just gotten 4 oz of formula (he is BF but gets one formula bottle a day before bed), but as a last resort I tried giving him the 3 oz I had pumped after he went to bed and he guzzled it down and fell immediately asleep.  It's so hard not knowing what the reason for the wake up is!
  • No teeth yet, but pretty sure LO is teething and will be cutting a tooth soon. He used to sleep through the night or maybe wake up once and fall back to sleep after a short nursing session. 

    Now he’s waking up every 2-3 hours, takes 1.5-2 hours to get to sleep initially, and screams. He’s actually starting to refuse to nurse now (nursing strike due to teething?). 

    We did start giving him rice cereal as a supplement per his pediatrician’s recommendation, but no matter how milky or watery I make it, he has such a hard time going to the bathroom and passing gas. Hoping his system gets adjusted soon, because I’m pretty sure that the uncomfortable feeling in his belly plays a major part in waking him up amd making him fussy.
  • Omg. I think that we are up right now teething. Ready to have this done. LO can now put things in her mouth independently. 
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