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I'm just here for the SEX!

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12/16 ETA: Changed thread title to keep randos from posting their baby's sex.

To keep the thread from getting clogged, try to use "love tits" as congratulations to prevent announcements from getting lost in the comments!

We have one lovely who's found out the sex of her LO, and hopefully more to come in the near future, so I figured I'd start this now!!

Post here (and choose your answer on the poll) when you find out your baby's sex.

I'm just here for the SEX! 130 votes

Team Green
17% 23 votes
44% 58 votes
33% 44 votes
Boy/Boy Twins
1% 2 votes
Boy/Girl Twins
0% 0 votes
Girl/Girl Twins
2% 3 votes
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Re: I'm just here for the SEX!

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  • Thanks for starting @izza2... @BumpAdmin can we sticky please!
    me 35/ DH 39
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  • I should be having my Panorama in the next week or so, so I should be finding out soon. 
  • how exciting we'll probably find out early next week

    Me:27 DH: 31 Married Since: 08/2016
    TTC: 08/2017 EDD: 6/11/2018 FTM
  • All boys so far! Who's going to be the first girl?!!
  • msangeeymsangeey
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  • Lots of boys so far! Congrats to everyone
  • Planning on being team green with twins! 

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  • @MissKittyDanger through genetic testing (bloodwork) or some people through IVF.

  • Congrats! So exciting!
  • One month until we find out!!

    January 8th is scan, and that weekend we're doing a cake with family :) {either 13th or 14th}
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