HDBD 12/6 — The Bump
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HDBD 12/6

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Lets those bumps ladies! I know we've got some STM+ moms getting some blumpage already! 


Re: HDBD 12/6

  • No bump here...just some fat, but I had to say that that gif is hysterical. Lmao!
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  • @paytonpedro super cute!! What app do you use for the text?
  • paytonpedropaytonpedro
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    @samjjorgensen Photofy! And thanks :)
  • I literally look exactly the same so I’m tempted to take last weeks picture and put a new sticker on it  :D
  • I should have taken one yesterday.  The dress I was wearing I feel like really made me look pregnant. I walked by the mirror at one point and was like "GOO! Where did that come from?!"   :s

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  • Y'all look good!  I definitely have a blump.  It's weird, because I have a habit of always walking with my abs clenched.  Years of ridicule, I guess.  So when I finally relax, it's definitely crazy.

    I'll start posting pics in a few weeks.

    I also feel a lot of bubbles and movement.  I know it's not baby yet (I'm only 10 weeks, FFS) but it actually makes me feel a little better about all of this, like things are going the way they are supposed to be and I can actually be a little happy about being pregnant!
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  • That spiderman gif makes me uncomfortable, but I can't stop looking

  • share the blump ladies! thats all mine is haha
  • @leannplatt that is so weird haha but glad you can post again! 
  • @lindsayleigh1989 I thought I could figure it out, but it's stumping me. Just might have to pass responding on the weekends so I don't really confuse people having two names! That or I'll just use my laptop on weekends. Idk!
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  • @catftm2018 love that shirt!

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  • Had every intention of taking a HDBD picture but I just scarfed down a bagel and coffee while hiding from DS and now I just feel fat. 
    Mmmmmm a bagel sounds so good right now. 
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  • @busymommy23 it was SO good, so good I couldn't share lol 
  • I have so much body envy haha also i feel like i need to go do 5 hours of cardio  :# :#
  • @lindsayleigh1989 how about it! I don’t even wanna post mine now cuz I feel like a chubby slug. Lol. 

  • Right? I think I'll join you on the cardio, lol... just, later (yay procrastination!) But seriously, you really do look phenominal, @4deep Just wanna throw out, too, that @lindsayleigh1989 you always look like you're having so much fun in your pics and that's remarkably awesome and I totally envy you for that, and that @hillbillywife you are beautiful in every way so post it, mamacita!
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