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  • What number are you trying for? 2

    Cycle/Month? 4/4 NTNP 

    WTO/TWW? Wto

    Ages of other child(ren)? 10m

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Hopefully entering fw soon! And I have some time off, so timing might actually happen nicely

    Any questions? Not currently

    GTKY: What is your child/children’s latest new skill/s? Pointing and using the pointer finger for things, climbing over things, and cruising. 

    @lalala2004 Mine is 10m but I feel like he's trying for 1 nap but can't quite make it every day. His napping has always sucked though, so there is that. It sounds very individual based on answers. Also... In here. But yes, butsy. I feel bad that others obviously figure it out and I can't, but I can't. And I can only do me. 

    @juliebird6 At DS' 9 month appt they asked about him waving, and he did it the first time the next day. But it's been a busy month. He's still a bit inconsistent, and doesn't always respond to cues to do it (ie: saying goodbye)  but he had the motion down. 

    Married: 01/2010
    Mirena out late 8/2015, NTNP through holidays, TTC 1/16
    BFP: 5/16 - Baby boy:1/17 He's amazing!!!
    TFAS 9/17
    BFP: 2/18 - Baby girl: 9/18 She's fabulous!!!

  • @mrs_drc_rn I absolutely know what you mean. I was on here venting about the same thing just a few weeks ago. I’ve stayed off the daily TTGP boards ever since, and It’s been for the best.  

    Counting and recounting every single day of TWW/WTO makes the waiting feel like forevvvver. I also find I don’t symptom spot and obsess as much, and having a more relaxed approach makes both me and MH less stressed out. 
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  • What number are you trying for? 2

    Cycle/Month? 1/1

    WTO/TWW? TWW  tbh I was waiting to join this thread each week bc I didn't want to be THAT person who just showed up for a couple of weeks and then was gone to a bmb board and hurt everyone since it is our first real month ttc. At this point I feel I am out for this month and mentally WTO  for next month. AF is due any time and everything has been stark white. I have the gut feeling this isn't our month. 

    Ages of other child(ren)? 3

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Nah. I just don't think this was it. I'd like it to he done so I can move on to next month. It took 5 months ttc DS so I know it may be a little while. 

    Any questions? The mobile site used to not work this poorly when I had DS. Now when I try to type I can't see what I'm typing bc it moves the text box too low. Do you all have this issues? Does the app work better? 

    GTKY: What is your child/children’s latest new skill/s? He is becoming very polite and sharing well. He also is doing more imaginative play and making his toys play together. 

  • I also agree with @concreteayngel the tww and wto threads that recount daily make it seem like it's taking longer to me and makes me over analyze my every "symptom". For me those threads aren't very healthy I guess and cause me more stress. As I've followed this thread I think it's my home

  • @JTroyna ugh, I’m sorry you were upset after talking to your OB. Age adds a whole new layer of stress to the situation; I just turned 34. 

    @concreteayngel it can get stressful keeping up with the dailies. I’m glad I stopped temping during the TWW, I think that took a lot of stress away too! I’m really working on trying to stress less about this whole thing but it’s hard.

    @josie12367 ugh, I’m keeping FX crossed for you! Do you know what type of treatment you’ll start with?  Do you have access to Early Intervention for your youngest? Our son used it for his first year for physical therapy and we got his language tested right before he graduated. It was really helpful.
  • @meeks2020 I deleted the app and was only mobile on Safari for a while, and then it started having issues. The mobile app still isn’t great, but they’ve improved it. I’d give it another try.
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  • @mrs_drc_rn Most likely metformin/Clomid combo. It's what worked the last two times. Though I'm ovulating now, so I'm not sure they'll want to start there or not. And yes, we do have access to early intervention but she's passed their screening now twice, and doesn't qualify for services. The cutoff score was a 75, and she scored a 78. So we'll get her evaluated again in three months and see where she's at. Hopefully she'll be talking by then :)
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  • @josie12367 DS didn’t qualify for their speech services either. We were concerned for a while and then he just seemed to get it out of the blue. Now he tends to stutter a bit, I think because he gets so excited and has so much he wants to say! FX your daughter will be talking soon and won’t need another evaluation! 
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