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TWW Saturday 12/2



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GTKY: What is your favorite Christmas/holiday song? 

Re: TWW Saturday 12/2

  • mrs_drc_rnmrs_drc_rn member
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    Month/Cycle: 14/6

    CD/DPO: 27/8

    Typical LP Length: 11

    Timing: -3, -2, -1, O

    Testing: Even though I said I wouldn’t, I might tomorrow...

    R/R: Gift exchange and light show with friends tonight! It’s been our yearly tradition for a while but it’s been extra nice the past few years since we don’t get to see eachother often. DH and I are brunching tomorrow and cutting down our tree! Only rant is that I’m still congested. 

    CS/Q: Nothing to see here. 

    GTKY: What is your favorite Christmas/holiday song? It’s random, but I love that Snoopy Christmas song where they sing about the baron. 
    I tend to like the traditional Christmas songs, but I do love Jimmy Eat World’s version of “Last Christmas.”
  • @mrs_drc_rn I’m 8DPO and don’t plan to test again until 11DPO. Want to wait with me? Because I’ll have trouble not testing at 10DPO :lol:

    @elothair that makes me wish I had kept up with piano, but I can still play Jolly Old St. Nicolas!

    Month/Cycle: 4/1

    CD/DPO: 37/8

    Typical LP Length: 11?

    Timing: -4

    Testing: BFN today as expected. Guilt free wine for me. I’ll test again 11DPO if no AF.

    R/R: Still sucks to see. BFN, even when I KNOW it’s way too early. 


    GTKY: What is your favorite Christmas/holiday song? 

    Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas
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  • @elothair yay for a temp spike! Hope the CH show up! I’m also hoping the holidays will be a nice distraction from all of the stress surrounding TTC. That’s really nice that White Christmas has so much meaning. I wish I had learned to play the piano. Do you play often?

    @lalala2004 Sucks about the BFN but at least you can enjoy some wine, right? Let’s make a pact to test at 11DPO!

  • Month/Cycle: 5/5

    CD/DPO: 26/12

    Typical LP Length:

    Timing: Good

    Testing: Tested again today. BFN.

    R/R: Nothing. Just feeling blah. 


    GTKY: What is your favorite Christmas/holiday song? I love the little drummer boy. 

    @mrs_drc_rn So fun you guys do a gift exchange. Do you guys do a secret santa or white elephant type exchange? So fun you guys cut down your tree yourselves! Such a fun tradition. I’ve never heard the Jimmy Eat World’s version of Last Christmas but I feel like I need to! 

    @elothair That’s such a beautiful memory of learning to play White Christmas with your grandma. Your weekend sounds really fun! The craziness of December has been the TWW way more bearable for me. Hopefully it does for you too.

    @lalala2004 Sorry about your BFN this morning. But yay to wine! 

    Me: 32 DH: 32
    DS: 03/19/14
    DD: 05/29/15
    BFP: 12/24/17 CP: 1/2/18  @ 4w 3d
    BFP: 1/26/18 CP: 2/2/18 @ 4w 4d
    BFP: 5/16/18 MMC: 6/15/18 @ 7w 5d
  • @mrs_drc_rn Yay for holiday traditions! Have fun!

    @elothair Fx for CH! And that is a beautiful story about White Christmas.

    @lalala2004 the testing impatience must have gripped both of us. I'm a day behind you on DPO but I also have a day longer LP, I'll wait with you! And Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas almost made my top 5 ;) I love Judy Garland's version.

    Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD/DPO: 23/7

    Typical LP Length: 12

    Timing: -5, -3, 0

    Testing: Ugh, POAS last night... should wait till next Friday, I know, I know...

    R/R: So as I said yesterday I was gonna enjoy drinking till it's pink and enjoy everything my neighborhood has to offer this weekend because I know I'll miss it, but I went with coworkers for drinks after work (something I know I'll miss) and I couldn't even finish one small beer! Something just seriously put me off. Stomach was soooo crampy but I attributed it to a large lunch and gas. Sooo I POAS when I got home... ofcourse BFN. Atleast I can go and have some drinks tonight, if my stomach lets me! Dreamt that DH, BIL & SIL were hanging out together and that SIL and I both got BFPs together. Wah :(

    CS/Q: Nope

    GTKY: this is a hard one! I love Christmas. I'll do top 5: Last Christmas, Baby it's Cold Outside, O Holy Night, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, Little Christmas Tree (MJ)
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  • mrs_drc_rnmrs_drc_rn member
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    @eleven_ I’m sorry about the BFN and feeling blah.  :/ Are you able to get to the mall to check out those HP decorations today? I know you’re cleaning for family this weekend, but I hope you find time to treat yourself or do something fun! 

    We used to all by each other presents, and just kept it within a certain budget. Everyone has kids now so we mainly just buy for the littles and give each other something small like a Dunkin gift card, or my one friends does homemade soaps and scrubs. 
  • @mrs_drc_rn Thanks for the kind words. I think we are going to the mall tomorrow because Saturdays are insane. I think I might see if I can squeeze in a pedicure today though  :) And maybe I'll try to order the skin care samples today too! 

    @Augusta108 I am the same way about Christmas music. I am not religious at all but certain songs like Silent Night and O Holy Night still give me chills.
    Me: 32 DH: 32
    DS: 03/19/14
    DD: 05/29/15
    BFP: 12/24/17 CP: 1/2/18  @ 4w 3d
    BFP: 1/26/18 CP: 2/2/18 @ 4w 4d
    BFP: 5/16/18 MMC: 6/15/18 @ 7w 5d
  • @lalala2004 BFN totally suck no matter when they occur. Enjoy your wine!
    @mrs_drc_rn I always play a bit when we visit my parents as they have a piano but we don't have one in our home so outside of visits I never play anymore. I keep saying I'll pick it back up....maybe one day!
    @eleven_ Boo for another BFN! Do you temp during the TWW? My temp always starts dropping by around 11-12DPO and then I know I'm out but I still keep testing hoping somehow my temps are wrong!
    @leafyarch I always say I'm going to drink 'til its pink but then I feel guilty if I know I'm in the TWW and never end up doing it. Enjoy your drinks tonight!
    @Augusta108 I hate having to clean to decorate! We had so much dust collected on the places where I usually put garlands - it made me not even want to decorate because I knew how much prep cleaning I had to do!
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  • @mrs_drc_rn Good luck testing tomorrow. Rooting for you! Hope you have an awesome night. 

    @elothair Yay for  temp spike! FX you get those CH's soon. 

    @lalala2004 Sorry for the BFN girl! It is early though. 

    @eleven_ Sorry for the BFN and that you are feeling blah *hugs* Try and do something fun. 

    @leafyarch Have a great time tonight and hope your stomach cooperates with you!

    @Augusta108 Oooh enjoy decorating! Putting every out is always so much fun. 

    Month/Cycle: 6/6 (1 benched)

    CD/DPO: 25/11

    Typical LP Length: 14

    Timing: -3, -2, -1

    Testing: Not intending to at this point. 

    R/R: It has been a hectic morning. We were going to go cut down our Christmas morning but we all seem to be in a bad mood, so we have decided to go tomorrow instead. Heading into the kitchen to make chowder soon though. 

    CS/Q: n/a

    GTKY: This may make me a grinch, but I am not a carol fan. They are ok, but I couldn't say that I have a favorite.  :#
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  • @nitnat007 mmmm chowder sounds perfect. Enjoy cutting down your tree tomorrow! We’ll be doing the same!
  • @mrs_drc_rn have fun at your get together, I’m finding it impossible to find one night for our group of friends to get together this year for Christmas :(
    @lalala2004  sorry for the BFN, but enjoy your wine night!
    @eleven_  sorry for the BFN

    Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD/DPO: 14/2

    Typical LP Length: 11-13

    Timing: good I think

    Testing: not until AF is late

    R/R: no rants, I woke up thinking it was glad it is only Saturday:) enjoying a day at home relaxing today.

    CS/Q: nope, I failed miserably with consistently temping, going to try and do better next month 

    GTKY: What is your favorite Christmas/holiday song? So many that I love, Mary Did you Know is one of my faves!
  • @mrs_drc_rn Have fun tonight!!!
    @elothair that is such a sweet memory!!!
    @lalala2004 I’m so sorry  :(
    @eleven_  LDB is a song I have always had mixed feelings about. I think the thing is it’s been done so much. I like a simplistic version with just a snar drum or something similar.
    @leafyarch I hadn’t realized we’re DPO buddies and almost cycle twins in only a day ahead hehe 
    @nitnat007  yum chowder, hope everyone is doing better tomorrow.

    Month/Cycle: 4/4(2/2 AL)

    CD/DPO: 24/7

    Typical LP Length: 11 according to FF

    Timing: -3, and O, so meh

    Testing: Trying to wait until Friday but that isn’t realistic for me lol, so likely Wednesday 

    R/R: Busy weekend so both a rant and a rave 

    CS/Q: nada

    GTKY: What is your favorite Christmas/holiday song? 1. Oh Holy Night 2. Mary Did You Know 3. Silent Night 4. Trans Sieberians-Russians Christmas 5. Pentatonix-Dance Of The SugarPlum Fairy.

    Me: 34 DH: 45
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    DSS: 19

    DSD: 16

    DS: 3(Nov'14)


    MC: 1/18

  • @nmbrcrnchr1 I really didn’t think ours was going to happen since three of us have weird schedules. I just happened to take off this weekend to do Christmas stuff with DH and another friend had off this weekend so thankful it worked out. I hope your group manages to find a night to get together! Even if it’s right after Christmas, maybe that would be more doable?
  • @kindbytealikat Yay for cycle buddies! I hope you don't keep your cycle though, because of BFP ;)
    <3 Me: 28 DH: 29
    <3 Married since 2012 dating since 2005.
    <3 Golden Retriever girls (8) and (3), orange feral rescue tabby (1).

    Finally TTC#1 as of 11/2017!
    Thryoidectomy 2007, PCOS, disordered proliferative endometrium.
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