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  • @dukestar5 That is too funny! MH would definitely not get it either.
    @offtoneverland I keep switching between my mobile and desktop because I miss some parts depending which I'm on so have to keep both up to ensure I'm getting all the texts as well as GIFs/pictures - so annoying!
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  • @jrm_14 Omg that's too funny! 

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    @offtoneverland @melbel0824 the only thing that worked for me to remember them is that affect is the verb, so I think of an “action” and just put the A’s together (affect = action). Effect is just the noun by default. 

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    @jrm_14 When I was Little if I got gifts from aunties and grandparents that I didn’t see often my parents never told me to thank them. Once I got something I loved so I asked if I can ring nan to thank her and my dad was like no don’t bother she’ll know you love it so I didn’t think anything of it as a kid but now I’m older I just think it wasn’t common sense to thank them!

    TW Kids
    When we do gifts for the kids now one girl I never hear a thank you from and last year I spent ages making her something homemade. I think it’s the same that the parents have never told her to so she doesn’t but I love shopping for the other set of kids because no matter what I give them all four of them will draw me a thank you card and and list everything we got them and I love it!

    @SkilledSailor do it! Once I saw lingerie that was basically a giant ribbon so you were wrapped up like a bow and I wish I had the confidence to pull that off.
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    @josie12367 Me, too. ((Hugs))
    Eta: I will skim it in occasion if I see someone reintro’d for whatever reason 

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