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  • @sarahhedger7, I literally came on here to write the exact same thing. I'm 23+3 today and my left butt cheek is in so much pain!!! It feels like I pulled a muscle in my butt. Which may be how it started as I did a lot of lunges last week and was quite sore from that. Stupid exercise! Haha! Getting up from sitting hurts, and getting out of bed takes me so long. It's terrible in the middle of the night when my toddler calls me and I forget and try to get out of bed quickly. I booked a massage today but it's not for 4 more weeks. Might need to ask DH to do some massaging until then. I've been trying different stretches but haven't found one that helps yet. Let me know if you figure out any magic solution!
  • @justkeeptrying I'm sure DH wont mind  rubbing on your butt!!  ;) Hope you and @sarahhedger7 get some relief - that sounds brutal, aside from the butt rubbing hubs part! 
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  • The pubic symphysis discomfort is getting bad, especially after working out. :s
  • I am not sure if I should be posting this here or starting a new thread....I guess it is a symptom... has anyone ever been told they have a small hernia? I went to the doctor today for a normal check-up and I have been noticing a small hole like right above my belly button and asked about it since it is different than what I felt during my first pregnancy. I guess I have a small (about a pencil tip) size hernia.... said she is not worried because of the size for anything to protrude but we will be watching it since it may expand as I expand..... just wondering if people have experience with this. I feel guilty because I feel like I may have caused it from heavy lifting...i.e. my 2yr old son... but really how do you avoid that...
  • @ABombard12 I’ve never had one, but my husband had hernia surgery several years ago. From my understanding there are a lot of reasons for as to why you’d get one, and it’s possible that you’d had it for a while and just hadn’t noticed it until getting pregnant. (Especially being so small.) He’d had his for several years before he noticed it and several more before it became a problem. (And yours might not! His was quite painful at the end, though. But his was definitely much larger than yours.)
  • @ABombard12: I do not have experience but my SIL had a significant hernia after her twin pregnancy (she is very short and just didn't have much room!) She had a c-section and then a hernia repair surgery about a year later. They wanted to make sure her abdomen healed from the CS before doing anything else. I hope yours self -resolves!

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  • @justkeeptrying & @saraheger - yep, left butt cheek pain here too. It started a few weeks ago and I get it intermittently but when I have it, it's rough. Makes it very hard to walk around without a limp. I always thought it was my sciatic nerve being pressed on by my ever growing uterus. I get hubby to massage it (or I'll massage it myself) which seems to really help. 
  • My hips seem to be staying in place better this week but holy back pain the past two days. I didn’t feel like this until the end with my first. Ugh. The heat pack only seems to help when it is actually touching me. As soon as I take it off, same ache. Boo. 
  • Back pain has arrived. Played Barbies with DD on the floor this morning.. not the best idea I’ve ever had....
  • @muggle621 you can tell him that my hubby has been rubbing both butt cheeks and both legs/calves since like September. :lol:
  • @justkeeptrying I think your DH needs a kick in the butt.  tell him to buck up and rub if that's what you need. 
  • @bb3vj3n, I was like "Are you kidding me?? Do you have ANY idea what my body is going through right now??" and he quietly came over and started massaging. But it sucked! LOL! And I legit feel like he was trying, he just sucked at it.
  • @justkeeptrying MH has actually had quite a bit of physical therapy over the past two years so he has gotten much better at massaging the muscles. I also show him how I need it on his butt too. And sometimes, if he does a good job, and we both aren’t exhausted, he gets lucky. 
  • @mdfarmchick, YESSSSS!!! Man my braxton hicks contractions have been crazy this pregnancy!! I didn't get them until 8 months with DS, so this is really weird for me. The other night I ended up googling preterm labour signs because they were just so intense. Obviously all is good. But I was starting to panic. I need to up my water intake and try to relax more. I think stress is definitely a correlating factor for me.
  • @justkeeptrying between the BH, the lower back pain and the uncomfortable feeling on the bottom half of my bump, I have googled way too many preterm labor signs. Ugh. If I stay sitting down, two of the three will go away, but I have a toddler so... that’s not an option when MH is working. I’m hoping it’s just a stretching phase and things will calm down soon. Meanwhile, also upping my water intake and resting as much as possible. 
  • I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis. I've been sick for a little over a week and I'm getting worse instead of better. PCP was able to fit me in this afternoon, and I can't decide if I'm hoping for or against antibiotics. On the one hand, I don't want to take meds, on the other, I don't want to drag this out and let it get worse. LO and I both need oxygen and I get winded at a brisk walk. Also, LO can finally hear, and this must be terrifying! 
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  • @fatstagnation oh no! I hope you feel better ASAP. And my vote, for what it is worth is to take the meds. The sooner you are healthier, the better off you and LO are. 
  • Anybody else have A- blood type and have to get the Rhophylac shot? I got one already (which I was expecting) but when I was going over my list of upcoming appointments they said they wanted me to get the shot at 28 weeks.  I immediately questioned this because the shot always makes me jump (it's a shot in the butt) and hurts afterwards.  They checked into it and even though I got it earlier I still have to get it again at 28 weeks.  Then if the baby is born with any other blood type besides A- I have to get another shot in the hospital (also in the butt) :/ Not so much a symptom but just a general complaint haha

  • The Braxton Hicks are awful! I get cramping afterwards too, like PMS cramps. Is that normal? Just very uncomfortable :(
  • Stillll fighting bacterial vaginosis. I’m picking up my third kind of medicine today. I’ve had this about a month now. Im getting nervous that’s it’s not going away since there are risks involved with it sticking around (Google, you are my enemy...). The midwife didn’t seem concerned quite yet. For those of you that suggested probiotics, my midwife told me to hold off because there’s not enough research out there on them?? So I’m just sitting around trying eat yogurt and hope this medicine works. 
  • @LaurenAnn0405 I have to get the shot too. I haven't had it yet, but I know it's on tap for my 28 week appointment. I'm really not looking forward to a shot in the butt!
  • @LaurenAnn0405, I wonder why yours is in the butt...lol! I'm O- and we have to get the winrho shot (different name since we are in Canada I assume?) but ours is definitely in the arm. Were you bleeding at all this pregnancy and that's why you had it already? Here we have it if we bleed in early pregnancy. Then again at 28 weeks. Then at 40 weeks (due date) unless baby has come already. If baby arrives before due date then you have it in the hospital at birth. We also have it if we have any miscarriages/bleeding in subsequent pregnancies. So *TW* I've had the shot 5 times because of bleeding during pregnancy/my son's healthy pregnancy/2 miscarriages. *End TW* I'm very thankful after reading your post that ours is in the arm. I had no idea that some people get it in the butt. That made me cringe reading your post.
  • @mdfarmchick @notthefather Thanks for the well-wishes. Dr. was actually not that concerned, took me seriously, but not worried. He thinks it's a virus, I don't have a fever, etc. so no antibiotics. He gave me an inhaler for times I feel bad wheezing/shortness of breath otherwise he wants to avoid most meds. Check back in if I don't get better. Call immediately or go to ER in after hours if fever develops. I feel better just having an expert opinion. 

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  • @StephBrim24 Sorry you’re still dealing with BV, I had it too and I’m hoping it’s gone.. hard to know since they didn’t retest me. My prenatal is “made with” probiotics I believe it says, I guess I’ve never heard not to take them?.. but your doctor may just be being cautious and that’s totally okay! 
  • @crossfitbabybump I get BH with cramping sometimes if they are really bad. I immediately try to rest/sit down/lay down when I feel it coming on and I drink extra water. That seems to help. 
  • @HappyMonkey817 Checking in on you and the panic attacks. I have finally made the decision to go back on Prozac this month with my OB's encouragement. Its been about 2 weeks of the medication, so not feeling the benefits yet. Hope to feel better soon so I can fully enjoy the pregnancy and not be in a constant state of stress. Also, hoping this helps a bit with my insomnia. Thinking of you and hope you are well!
  • @HappyMonkey817 Checking in on you and the panic attacks. I have finally made the decision to go back on Prozac this month with my OB's encouragement. Its been about 2 weeks of the medication, so not feeling the benefits yet. Hope to feel better soon so I can fully enjoy the pregnancy and not be in a constant state of stress. Also, hoping this helps a bit with my insomnia. Thinking of you and hope you are well!
    Thanks so much for checking on me. It seems to go in cycles for me. I'll be okay for a few days, and then have a few rough days. 

    I'm sorry you're struggling, too. I hope the medicine helps you.
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