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Girl name opinions, please!

Need help with our girl’s name and looking for honest opinions. Our son is named Charlie, our daughter is Lily, and we have a deceased daughter who’s name was Annaleigh. What are your thoughts on our current list? I feel like we’ll never decide on something. Middle name will be Jill, after my sister. - Violet (I love it, my husband does not) - Cecelia (my husband likes this one, I’m not in love with it) - Aurelia (we both love this name and always have, but I’m worried about people misspelling/mispronouncing it) - Maisie (too cutesy?)

Re: Girl name opinions, please!

  • catem07catem07 member
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    Maisie is too cutesy for a full name but it is a NN for Margaret, so you could go with that (happens to be my daughter’s name, we don’t call her Maisie but I like that NN).  
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  • Agree with above poster - Maisie is a cute nn, but not a standalone. I really like Violet and Cecilia both, but I understand it’s tough if you and hubby don’t agree. Aurelia is my least favorite...and I don’t really know how to pronounce it. It makes me think of sleeping beauty or the northern lights
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  • Love both Violet and Cecelia and dislike both Aurelia and Maisie for the same exact reasons you stated. Sometimes names take a little time to warm to. My sons name name was the “dark horse” name. We had it on our list but, it never seemed to be the favorite until the very end. 
  • I love Aurelia and feel like most know for to pronounce it? Also like Violet

    also suggest Aurora, Fiona, Celia 
  • MrsCFBMrsCFB member
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    Sofie, Amelia, Poppy, Esme, Isla
  • I love Aurelia, it's beautiful! And I feel like if people aren't sure how to pronounce it you just tell them once and they'll get it...I don't think it would be a huge burden if you have to correct a few people!!!
  • I would cut both Violet and Cecilia since you and your husband don't both love them.  I think that Maisie is fine as a first name but feels trendy to me due to the current popularity of Maisie Williams.  Love, love, love Aurelia.  I think that if you both love it, you should use it.  It's easy to correct a pronunciation...and much easier to do that than to find a name that you and your husband both love haha.
  • I've never cared for Violet. Like Maisie only as a nn for Margaret. 
  • Aurelia is too close to aereola for me, just being honest.  Your other names are prettier.
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