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Anyone Out There?

Hello.  Anyone out there from Maine due in the May/June 2018?

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  • Hi! I’m due June 7th and live in Sidney. How are you feeling... any symptoms? I feel awkward  telling family that I’m pregnant (all waiting for IVF results) because I feel no different, just constant exhaustion.  
  • HI!  I live in Vassalboro.  This is baby #2 and due June 8. I am exhausted as well and a bit weird feeling (not morning sick but not 100%).  We have our first appointment this coming Monday.  I will tell my sister at the end of the month but my husband doesn't want to tell anyone else in our families until Thanksgiving.  I want to tell the world haha. We had some scares (bleeding and ultrasounds each week between 7-11 with DD). So I understand his feelings.  Is this #1 for you?  What do you do for work? CONGRATS! 
  • Hi from Portland! I'm at 7 weeks and 4 days (due May 29th). How are you both feeling? I'm completely exhausted. I feel like I don't enjoy any foods anymore... Also, lots of anxiety and stress as I am a teacher, too. This will be my first baby. 
  • As a teacher in a school that did not best fit me, it was very stressful.  Now I am at such a wonderful supportive school, I can not wait to tell everyone.  Do not is work and will 'work' out. Seriously.  By the time you meet your little one, all you will care about is being a mom.  It is truly amazing!!  For being exhausted and being a teacher, that is super hard.  I had some complication with our first (DD). So being super tired and missing work was a lot, but again it is all about your little one. I am 6/5 today.  I had an appointment on Monday for blood work and check in.  On the 31st, I will have my first ultrasound.  Like I said, we had a few complications in the beginning so I am a bit nervous for the next few weeks to go by with our little one being healthy and strong. 
  • I'm in the Lewiston/Auburn area, due in 2 weeks.  Do any other Maine mamas know of Mom-networks for working mothers? All the mom-baby play and support groups in Lewiston/Auburn meet on weekdays during the middle of the day.
  • I do not.  Have you checked your hospital? I might do that.  I know that 'mine' Maine General in Augusta has classes/groups at all different times.  I might need to look into that more.  

    2 weeks....congrats!  That is so very exciting! 
  • We live in Gardiner,  due in late June.  Keeping pretty quiet about it right now,  its pretty easy because I'm a stay at home mom but I'm not sure we can keep it a secret thru thanksgiving, I think my mother in law can sniff these things out.
  • Tehehe....I think everyone knows BUT we haven't told anyone (besides my sister).  Thanksgiving we are having dessert with my family and my husband's.  I made a onesie for our little lady to wear that say "This Turkey is being promoted to BIG SISTER".  We are just going to have to take her coat off and see if anyone sees/reads it :) I am super excited!!
  • That's adorable.  We snagged a hilarious picture of our older daughter holding an ultrasound picture looking might grumpy,  I think it may end up in a frame as a present. 
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