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Has anyone else experienced minimal pregnancy symptoms? (10 weeks)

I'm about 10 and a half weeks pregnant, and I've had really minimal symptoms (mostly fatigue and larger breasts, but little to no nausea or anything else). While the internet tells me this is normal for some women, I can't help but worry a little. Just curious if anyone else is in this boat. What have your symptoms been like?

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  • ktcakes87ktcakes87 member
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    I am 11w4d and I have had very mild symptoms. Fatigue has been the biggest one but it's going away. Some constipation and very mind nausea sometimes. Sore boobs have mostly gone away. Some ladies have no symptoms, so relax and enjoy!
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Re: Has anyone else experienced minimal pregnancy symptoms? (10 weeks)

  • I'm 7w1d and my symptoms have been minimal and flucuating too. Very tired, waking up feeling mildly hungover, sore boobs, cramping, sensitive nose, food doesn't sound good (especially leftovers), moody, congested...and it all comes and goes. I notice that I do best (and have fewer symptoms) when I get more sleep. I also notice that I feel worse on the weekend...probably because I've been going all week and then kind of crash. My first appointment is tomorrow so seeing a heartbeat will put my mind at ease a lot, but the longer I go with this pattern the less I worry about it. It just might be my normal. 

  • I haven't had many symptoms at all so far, just fatigue, sore breasts & frequent potty breaks. My husband tells me I could sleep 20 hours a day. I told him no, just 12. Ha Ha. My lower abdomen started feeling tight last night, and I'm crampy today. 
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  • Cat&SCat&S member
    I had very minimal symptoms my first pregnancy and this one has been the same so far. With my DD, I was just tired and had sore boobs first tri, heartburn starting at 24 weeks and that was it. Fx for the same this time. :)

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  • hoad03hoad03 member
    With my daughter, the only thing that changed was the size of my chest. I didn't even start showing until I was 5 1/2 months along so no need to worry and enjoy feeling great. Actually consider yourself lucky, this time around I have every single symptom on the list. 
  • I'm still pretty early @ 5w6d.  The biggest symptom I've had so far is exhaustion.  Pure and utter exhaustion.  I've had little in the way of nausea and my boobs feel like they are bigger and a tad sore.  Other than that, nothing major!  A good nap sounds amazing right about now! :)
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  • Me too! Such a relief to hear - I'm 6w2d and have got off really lightly so far... very tired with disrupted sleep and vivid dreams, & a bit of cramping and twinging which has eased off. I had a couple of queasy days last week and tend to get a little bloating and light heartburn after eating but nothing like sore boobs or real nausea...it's so hard not to be paranoid!
  • vdelacr said
    I am having the same concerns. I am 8 wks today and I really have no symptoms (first pregnancy). I guess other people reading this could roll their eyes at us with our no symptoms but it makes me worried. I am very tired and that's about it. My breasts are a tad bit sore and I've had some spotting. My first appt. Is Thursday and I cannot be more eager to go and make sure things are going as planned! 
    With my first son who is now 6, I had no symptoms what so ever.. eventually I ended up with bad heart burn. My second son who is now 2.. I had a few symptoms but didn't think I would actually get a bfp but I did :)
    Yesterday I got another bfp.  My periods r weird atm so didn't k ow if it was pregnancy or period symptoms but  I've had bad gas (tmi) constipation, short of breath, today I've been feeling sick and super emotional and slight heart burn. According to my last period that was 15days late, I'm around 9w 6d and go for app and scan in 2 days to find out exact dates :)
  • Im 6.5 weeks. No symptoms but sore boobs, and occasional cramping. I will be 9 weeks when my OB wants to see me, and I'm worried after reading so many threads. It seems like most people are seen for a dating scan. *fingers crossed* and can't wait for my appt aug 9 
  • I'm 8w5d and my first appointment is tomorrow. About a week ago I felt super pregnant. My boobs felt HUGE and swollen and extremely firm. I was nauseous beyond belief. But the past two days my boobs are only tender around the nipples and don't seem as sore. My nausea is only mild. So now I'm panicking. My boobs feel super soft to me so I'm basically preparing my mind for the worst because I'm so nervous.
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    You're not alone! I'm 8w4d and having minimal digestive upsets like constipation and a "yuck" feeling every now and then. My most prominent symptoms are sleeplessness, fatigue and my nipples hurt. I'm ok with the lack of morning sickness though, hopefully by 8 weeks without it I'm almost in the clear! 
  • I'm just considering myself lucky. I was worried at first too because I thought morning sickness was the normal thing. I'm 9 weeks today and still only experiencing extreme fatigue, mild constipation, and sore boobs. My first US is in three days and I can't wait to hear the heartbeat to assure myself that baby is ok. Good luck! From what I hear, morning sickness can hit you at any time. Fingers crossed that it doesn't sneak up on us.
  • Im 9wks 2days and have experienced mild symptoms which at first had me worried but after reading these it makes me feel a bit better. I have had sore boobs and just fatigue but no morning sickness which made me nervous i saw a Dr at 5 wks confirming im pregnant and my next one is next friday (6th oct) but dont think im getting a scan then just think its the 10wk appointment i donno. 
    This is my first baby, we've been trying for over a year to concieve and im worried im going to do something wrong.... guessing i should consider myself lucky but i just want to hear its little heatbeat for that relief and reassurance its okay!
  • When I had my first daughter, I had no symptoms at all! I felt great the whole pregnancy. I did have high blood pressure at the end but I didn't even know until on routine appointment. 
  • 17 weeks now and just to update everyone, my baby is healthy even though the only first trimester symptom I experienced was fatigue. If you're not getting morning sickness, it's really nothing to worry about! 
  • 11w here and no vomiting or nausea with my pregnancy. I consider myself lucky since one of my coworkers puked all summer with her pregnancy and was in the work bathroom basically half the time at work. Felt so bad for her. She had a rough pregnancy with gestational diabetes and then pre-term birth at 28w. Her boy was in the NICU for two months straight. I don't think it's at all related to her morning sickness but it goes to show everyone's body is different when it comes to pregnancy.
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  • I had 2 miscarriages and with both of those I had minimal symptoms and lost both at around 9wks....this pregnancy is almost the same without the spottinf and I am 9 wks 5 days....very little nausia and sore boobs alot but little else...Im praying all is Well!
  • I'm 11 weeks today and haven't gotten sick once! From week 7-9 my breasts were sore and I was extremely fatigued. In the last couple weeks my energy levels have been back to normal and boobs don't feel sore anymore. First time mommy here! I was also concerned in the beginning but after talking with so many people this is normal for many pregnant women. 
  • First time pregnancy here at 6 weeks and Ive only been experiencing some
    nausea but mostly breast soreness, fatigue and mild cramps. Am currently traveling for work and I’ve been so worried, so I can’t wait for my first appointment! 
  • I don't think you need to worry. I don't have much symptoms either. Remember alot of woman's pregnancies are different from others. Some woman go through 6 months without knowing that they pregnant due to no symptoms :) things will be fine. 
  • zombie thread!! she has already had her baby! please read the dates of posts! 
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  • Yay, my 72-hr wait is finally up! 7 weeks 4 days today. I, too, have been overall experiencing mild symptoms. The biggest two for me are sore breasts and crazy fatigue! I'm a night owl and I fall asleep at 9pm now...some days have been rough with nausea but I have not vomited so I'll take that. Food aversions are also REAL. I eat very healthy and at the moment all veggies sound blah. I had to make a pureed veggie soup to get greens in! Pasta, rice and carbs in general are all I want. I too freaked out last week when I had a break from symptoms, only to get my butt kicked the next day! This is what I told my hubby:
    Me: I have no symptoms today! Something must be wrong!
    Baby: hold my beer.

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