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Intro (tw child mentioned)

Hello!  Im 39 and my husband and I have been trying for number 2 for 9ish months. Our first is 21mo old and I have been weaning him very gradually. My ob did some tests and says my hormones are a little weird and wants to see how they are a few cycles after I've weaned completely. Then I might move over to an re, but we have no coverage for that so I'm doing everything I can in the meantime to clean up my act and also trying to stay optimistic. I've been lurking here for a month or two and think I'm ready to join in. 

Thanks for reading! I wasn't sure how much to share. 

Re: Intro (tw child mentioned)

  • Welcome!  It's probably best if you retest everything before you jump to an RE - maybe they will be more balanced then.  I think it's important to keep a positive mind about it all and there is a lot you can do naturally to enhance your fertility.
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  • Thank you! I'm happy to be here. Just taking things one day at a time and trying to funnel my energy into positive actions.
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  • Yeah don't be like me and stuck in negative thought patterns for almost a year. Good gawd!
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  • I hear you. It's like mental gymnastics. I will force myself to be optimistic even if it's the last thing I do, lol.
  • I was actually thinking of writing all those thoughts out and burning them in a fire! lol 
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    Welcome!! I agree with @vlagrl29 i would retest with your OB first. We jumped right to the RE after a few months only Bc I have Fantastic coverage. 

    Me 38 & DH 43 
    ***TW 1 MC 1998**
    TTC # 1 2017

    MFI/Septate Uterus

    Dec 17 IVF # 1 29 Retrieved, 25 Mature , 21 Fertilized w/ICSI, 12 made to day 5
    5 PGS normal(1 male and 4 females) and 3 mosaics(MORE FEMALES)

    Resection of uterine septum 1/22/18

    FET # 1 - 11/6/18 = BFP , EDD 7/25/19

  • That's so awesome that you have that coverage @ndz2018. And thank you for the welcome!
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