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honest opinions of the name Embree/Embreigh for our baby girl..Thanks Ladies

My SO loves this name so much, I like it too but I love Hallie...I don't have the heart to say no to him and its his first and will be his only daughter, but if it's honestly that bad I will try convince him otherwise gently
...Honest opinions please, thanks ladies

Re: honest opinions of the name Embree/Embreigh for our baby girl..Thanks Ladies

  • It reminds me of embryo. Can you picture a grown woman with that name? I mean if he loves it that much, suggest it goes in the middle name spot.
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  • Sounds made up and trendy. 
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  • Sorry, but I agree with the above comments. Sounds totally made up, and my first thought was embryo. How about Aubrey or Audrey.
  • I agree it's not a good choice. Seems made up to me, both spellings.  Maybe he'd go for Emerson, Everly, Amber, Aubrey?  
  • Hard pass on this name. It screams forever 3 year old. 
  • It's a no for me, but as pp suggested, Embry is a much better spelling. 
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  • It’s not good. At all. Please don’t. 
    Consider Ember or at least Embry
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    Def more Klassy than Classy

  • Sorry, I’m with everyone else. I strongly dislike it. Maybe you could sell him on Hailey Amber/Ember? Also love PP suggestion of Aubrey.  Emma is pretty popular, but still a lovely name, or Emeline with nickname Emme or Emmy?
  • I usually like different names like these (do not like classic, boring names at all), but I do think "embryo" right away when I read it.   I have a friend who's daughter is named "Emrie"  and I think it's pretty cute.  I do also like the suggestions of Aubrey and Everly.
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  • I used to be obsessed with Embry for a boy after I heard it in a movie (I've since moved on it from it), so to me Embry makes me think boy not girl. Also it looks super trendy 
  • Not a fan of Embree or Embreigh. Seems "made up" and forced. I know you said you liked Hallie, but even that doesn't seem like a "real name" to me-- more a nickname. She will grow up an may want someday to be a surgeon or a judge. How about:

    Helen/Helena/Helene  nn Hallie
    Allison nn Allie
    Gabrielle nn Elle or Ellie
    Eleanor nn Elle or Ellie
    Elena nn Elle or Ellie

  • Hallie is a lot better. Embree/Embreigh is really bad. Really. 


  • I don't know if anyone else will jump to "embry riddle flight school" like i did, but also just typing it it autocorrected to embryo....i can see the appeal cuz I like names like that too but this name, spelled embry, is boy to me, and spelled either or the ways you provided screams speshul snowflake to me. I knew a girl named amberly and kymber, those were kind of different, but otherwise Amber, aubree, Audrey, any variation of emily (emilia, emmeline, etc) would be other options
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  • Honest opinion? One of the worst names that I have seen on here in awhile. My mind goes straight to embryo. 
    Emily Bree (family nn Em-Bree)
    Give her something solid , then have fun with the nn"s
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    I saw this thread the other day and then saw a commercial for some prescription drug called Enbrel.
  • Good grief. ..i think it’s cute. It’s different. I like emery better but I see the appeal of embree. You could call her any nickname for Emma/Emily(em,emmy,etc) or any “Bree” type nickname. It’s really not that bad. I like hallie too though. As for the whole embryo deal... you’d have to be pretty shortsighted to think that in my opinion.
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    I don't really like Embree or Embreigh. The spelling makes it look childish. Plus the Em- names are getting so popular (Emma, Emily, Emerson). Hallie is much better.
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  • I really, really dislike it. Hallie is great though!
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