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Jack-and-Jill type shower.

My DH and I are invited to attend a gender reveal/jack-and-Jill type shower. Or something like that. I really don’t know. The couple wants to announce the gender of the baby and have a bit of a get-together for all their friends and family. They have asked that everybody bring diapers, but made no reference to a registry or gifts or anything. Part of me wants to be safe and bring a gift, but the bitter, infertile side of me says no. Has anyone ever attended something like this? Any suggestions?

Re: Jack-and-Jill type shower.

  • I second @Bringmemylongswordho - I would be way too busy to attend something that tacky.  So much side eye at that couple.
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  • Don't go if you don't want. That said, I don't think a diaper shower in and of itself is tacky. People have kitchen-themed bridal showers and such. If they're throwing it themselves, yes, tacky. 
  • I think gender reveals are fine, but if you're having BOTH a GR party and a baby shower down the line, it's tacky to ask for gifts at the GR. 
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