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Weekly Product Spotlight 11.15: Formula Feeding Equipment

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We had a thread for pumping for those breastfeeding, so now I'd like to do one for those formula feeding.

For STM+ who have formula fed:
  • What type(s) of formula did your LO respond well to? (If your LO had any feeding issues like reflux or gas and you found a formula that helped feel free to share details about that)
  • Any specific bottles that worked best? (Again, please share if your LO had feeding issues)
  • How did you clean and sterilize your bottles?
  • How did you transport formula to feed outside the house?

FTM, ask any questions you have about formula feeding.

ETA: Anyone who has questions about or experience with WIC and formula, this could be a good place to discuss that as well.
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Re: Weekly Product Spotlight 11.15: Formula Feeding Equipment

    • DD did not have any special needs with feeding. We used Enfamil simply because someone had given some to us for free right before she was born, and since she responded well to it we just kept using it. We used newborn until she was 3 months, and then infant until she hit 12 months. We used the powder to mix with water, and used bottled water so we wouldn't have to boil water from the tap.
    • I used the Medela bottles that came with my Medela pump. When she outgrew those, we used Mam bottles after a few other brands didn't work out, it seemed like she liked the nipple shape on them.
    • We made do without any special equipment to clean and sterilize, except the Medela sterilizing bags. We washed all bottles immediately after use with soap and water, then set them on a drying rack. At the end of the day, we'd sterilize the bottles in the microwave (you can check with the bottle manufacturer for how much water to put in the bottles and how long to microwave for) and used the Medela sterilizing bags for the nipples. Then we made formula for the next day immediately and set the bottles in the back of the fridge. (formula can be refrigerated for 24 hours)
    • When I was out of the house, I just brought the pre-made liquid formula single serving bottles, because it can be kept at room temperature before the bottle is opened. They are more expensive, so for a while I tried bringing coolers, bringing the bottles with the formula powder in them and bottled water, but it was just such a pain. It was worth it to me to have the ready-to-go liquid formula when we were out.
    Also, misc. tip always ask for free samples of formula at your LO's pediatric appointments. If you use a more common brand, they usually have some. One time I really lucked out, and we got enough samples to feed DD for a few weeks! Just a tip for saving money.
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  • I formula fed after 6 months. Finding bottles for us was really difficult because my son would not drink from anything with a silicon nipple (did not know that at the time, he was just not taking anything until we tried one with a latex nipple). That was 5 years ago and it seems like latex is harder to find now, so I hope no one has that issue, but something to think about if your child is refusing, or unable to feed from all bottles. He just could not make the silicon nipples work, even with sippy cups when he was older. 

    We did not try out many different formulas. Our daycare provided us with a can or so a week of Gerber Good Starts (I think that was is), so we just used that brand so we could get the free formula at daycare. 

    The bottles that ended up working best for us were the playtex drop ins with latex nipples. There were not a lot of options for latex nipples. Since we had the drop ins, we did not need to sterilize the bottles often, just the nipples occasionally, but in all honesty, I don’t remember doing that all too often. He was older when he started on formula, so I was less concerned. To clean, we used hot soapy water and a nipple brush, then rises or washed the bottle bodies. The drop in bottles were super easy, but they were not very environmental. It was the only thing that worked though. We were feeding him with a syringe prior to finding those bottles. 

    When we took bottles to leave the house, we would measure out the formula and put the powder in the bottle, then measure out the water and have it in a separate bottle (we used the Medela little containers that came with my pump). Then at feeding time, we would just combine and shake. We did the same thing at home. His bottles would be set on the counter measured out, then we would just add the water and shake. We always fed at room temp so we did not need to worry about ever heating a bottle. 

    It was a really hard hard choice for me to stop breastfeeding. I understand that struggle. I just want to say that there is nothing wrong with formula feeding and do not let anyone shame you or make you feel like there is (I had a few family members do this to me). Stopping breastfeeding was the best parenting decision I have ever made and I wish I had done it much sooner with my first. I am going to try breastfeeding again, since I might have a different experience, but I will switch to formula much quicker this time if the same issues (or different ones) arise.

    If anyone has has any questions, just let me know. 
  • @lainikins your last paragraph on breastfeeding is exactly how I feel. As a FTM you can feel shame about formula but what’s best is really a happy baby and a happy mama. My son had a reflux issue we didn’t know about so he wasn’t emptying my breast and was not sucking correctly and we had no idea because he wasn’t spitting up so they didn’t think it was a reflux problem. His pediatrician told me I wasn’t working hard enough at breastfeeding. I got a new pediatrician immediately who was so kind and understanding to my struggles. He was the one that figured out DS’s problem. So in reality it wouldn’t have mattered how hard I tried, which was really hard, DS was in pain every time he was eating. DS stayed at his birth weight for his first month and I’ll never put me or my child through that again. I told his old pediatrician that she was unprofessional making FTMs feel bad about struggling to breastfeed and that her attitude could have caused serious issues for DS. I went off on the woman in her office and never looked back or felt shame in having to stop. I pumped and supplemented with breastfeeding while doing formula until my milk supply gave up and he was such a happy baby during that time. 

    We we had to use the hypoallergenic formula. Insurance covered it because it was so expensive but it’s what baby’s that have intolerances or dietary restrictions get. We used that while we were on his reflux medication. That formula smelled so bad. Once DS got better we were allowed to switch and we tried similac sensitive first. He actually spit up more on that one so his doctor said to try the regular and it worked perfect for the remainder of his year. 

    We used Dr. Brown bottles and loved them. I used the dishwasher to wash all the parts and hand washed them every other day and it wasn’t that bad of a hassle but I also knew DS was sensitive so I didn’t mind the extra parts. My sister used Avent bottles and those worked well for her. The best bottle to use is what ever LO likes. I recommend not buying any one type of bottle in bulk but buying 1 option from a few brands and seeing what works best. 

    I would just put his formul in the diaper bag with a bottle of water. Premixed formula only lasts so long and making a bottle was easy. My SIL used a formula travel dispenser so she could make a bottle with one hand and gave it to me but I honestly never bothered with it. 

  • @SunflowerMama428, I am sorry that your pediatrician made you feel like you were not trying or working hard enough at it. It makes me mad sometimes how hard some people push breastfeeding to to those that it does not work for. I tried so hard and it was making my ppd and ppa so bad. People say how breastfeeding is great for bonding, but I truly feel that I did not start bonding with my son until I stopped at 6 months. I was in such a dark place with my hormones and in so much physical pain from difficulties breastfeeding. It was actually a lactation consultant that made me feel as if it was ok to formula feed. I am very greatful I did not get one that pushed and pushed breastfeeding no matter what. My baby was fed and happy. It was all me that was suffering. I am crying right now thinking back to it and it was 5 years ago. I wish I could get those 6 months back more than anything. 
  • The best bottle to use is what ever LO likes. I recommend not buying any one type of bottle in bulk but buying 1 option from a few brands and seeing what works best.

    ^^^ This.

    @SunflowerMama428 ; and @lainikins ; Ditto on everything you guys said about not feeling ashamed about how you feed your baby. Breastfeeding was the worst pain of my life and made the first 2 months of DD's life the worst 2 months of mine, and I too wish I could get those months back. This time I'm going to do the colostrum right after delivery, but we're going all formula after that. I pushed myself to do 2 months last time, until I had to stop because of my allergy treatments. DD ended up with chronic ear infections and ear tubes anyways. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to just make the switch earlier. I didn't enjoy being a mother until I stopped breastfeeding, and then found absolute joy and bliss in motherhood.

    Not saying anything against breastfeeding. I'm so happy that there are so many resources available for mothers who breastfeed now, and that it brings so many women and their babies joy. But the shame that was projected onto me for formula feeding by family, people I had considered friends, and even from absolute strangers who stopped to lecture me while I was feeding DD a bottle was so hurtful. It definitely helps me to hear about other people's stories and know I'm not alone and need to feel proud that I did what was best for DD and me.
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  • @lainikins girl. I wish I could hug you right now. I know exactly what you mean. At least this time around, we know the plan so we can just adjust as needed and enjoy both our children and live happy. 
    • We used Enfamil Gentlease for DS.  We tried the newborn and the gerber formula before using Gentlease.  DS had mild reflux and that seemed to work the best for him.  
    • We introduced Tommee Tippee bottles and kept using those the entire first year.  I liked how easily it was to clean them and that they have little formula containers that fit inside the bottles.  Before you leave the house, you put water in the bottle, put formula in the container, and put on the lid.  When you need the formula, it's super easy to dump.  No extra parts/containers.  We tried the premade formula--bc it IS so convenient, but DS was not a fan.  I did always keep some in my diaper bag for an emergency.
    • I agree with previous posters--don't feel guilty about not choosing or being able to breastfeed.  I tried for almost 2 weeks.  My milk never came in.  I still have a voicemail on my phone from my mom telling me to "just feed your baby some formula.  He's hungry.  Stop worrying about breastfeeding."  The day we started formula, our lives were made so much easier.  I am going to try to breastfeed this time, but I will have no shame/guilt about moving to formula, either!  You do you, girls! 
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