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25 w, makena shots, 3 brethine shots contractions

Ok so long story I started going into preterm labor around 2 weeks. Contractions and dilated 1cm. Strict bed rest. They started the makena shot at 23 weeks. I went Tuesday morning around 10 and got my 2nd shot. I get them once a week. For two days prior I was having horrible pelvic pain and pressure. It hurt to walk to roll over in bed I mean everything HURT! Worse than I ever hurt. I chalked it up to things spreading but decided I would mention it to doctor on Tuesday when I got my shot. Nurse give me shot I explain what’s going on she says you need to go L&D he checked out and monitored. I insisted on waiting she called me in some meds and told me if I wasn’t better by 4 then I had to go I agreed. Well 4 rolls around I am no better actually worse. Get to hospital get hooked up no contractions no change in cervix. Well after about 30 mins of being monitored contractions started every 2 mins. And after 2 bags of fluid even though I wasn’t dehydrated doctor even said. They still did not stop. They came in told me they were going to try brethine shots. They could do up to 3. Over next little while I got all 3 shots and they finally stopped. But I have felt bad all day like I was hit by truck. I’m still on strict bed rest. And being monitored weekly. I’m  Very concerned this is my 4th pregnancy my other 3 were a breeze so to speak. But this little guy just doesn’t want to play by the rules. Any other moms having same issues or been Thur this before? Did you make it to term?  

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