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TW Tuesday - 11/14

Who is being a twatwaffle in your life?

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Re: TW Tuesday - 11/14

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  • My husband's great aunt is a TW. I just realized I am going to have to see her in the next month or so (yay holidays) and I am SO not looking forward to it. At my H's grandma's funeral last spring (a few months before I was pregnant) she asked me if I was pregnant because I looked like I was gaining weight. I don't know how I managed to continue to be polite or not backhand her. My husband agreed she was ridiculously inappropriate "but she is old so don't pay attention to her." Now that I am REALLY pregnant I can only imagine what she is going to say to me during the holidays. I WILL NOT be so nice  this time if she says something wildly inappropriate to me. 
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  • @becausescience thanks for that picture of waffles, now I'm super hungry for waffles and my breakfast was only a pack of Belvita's and they just didn't cut it....

    Warning-Long rant head!

    So my DH is being a TW over Thanksgiving.  He works retail and the company he works for is open 24/7 364 (only close for 24hrs on Christmas but he's still expected to go to work at 10pm Christmas night) and they stagger their black Friday sales so some start at 6pm, 8pm etc on actual Thanksgiving so needless to say he normally works.  To accommodate his work schedule so that he could eat dinner with us (my parents, sister, grandparents, aunt and uncle) my mom moved Thanksgiving dinner up to 1pm from 4pm about 5 years ago.  2 years ago he had to work noon-10pm so there was literally no way he could have eaten dinner but this year he doesn't work until 8pm and he's planning on calling off anyway (his company treats it's employees terribly) but he has decided that he doesn't want to go to my parents house (2 mins away) and would like me to cook Thanksgiving dinner at home for the 4 of us.  I've never had to cook on Thanksgiving before (I've made a full turkey day dinner though) and I've always had it at my mom's house.  We've been together for 9 years and he's never once said he wants me to cook but the first time he does ask me to do it I'll be 5 months pregnant and on my feet in the kitchen for 5-6 hours.  I told him I didn't want to do it and he should just suck it up and go to my parent's house (he doesn't like my grandma or sister that much) but he refuses.  I gave him the power to make the final decision and he kept going back and forth over going/not going so this morning he calls me and tells me that he texted my mom that the kids and I were coming but he was staying home.  He said the only reason he did that was because I had "so much time to tell my mom I'm not coming over but I always had an excuse for why I didn't tell her".  I flipped out on him and told him he kept changing his mind, sometimes hourly, and since I gave him the power of the decision it was his job to inform the necessary parties of the decision.  He's now trying to play the "poor me I'm just going to order a pizza" BS and I'm not having it.  I told him this was his decision, if he doesn't like it he only has himself to blame I'm not going to give in to his whining and decide to stay home and cook (which is what he wants but he thinks he's being sneaky by not saying it).  Just so frustrating! 

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  • @LaurenAnn0405 tell your husband he can either go with you or make his own damn turkey if he wants it on Thanksgiving. That's ridiculous.

    AFM, whoever went to the bathroom before me and peed all over the seat is a TW. You'd think I work with toddlers based on how some of my co-workers leave the bathrooms. So gross.
  • @LaurenAnn0405 Tell your SO to suck it up. Or use his big boy words and explain to you what he really wants. Not play games.

    My TW is my SO. Last week he left put a mug of coffee...which fell all over the carpet. Ok, mistake. We didn't think our 15mo could reach. I FINALLY get the stain out. What does he do this morning, leaves the mug even lower. Who knocks it over? 15mo. All over my carpet. He's really on fire today p.s. An hour later after I've finally sat down, he asks if I'd rather a huge crockpot or vacuum for Christmas. NEITHER!! I WANT A VACATION...ON A DESERTED ISLAND. He thought he was being funny...not funny today.
  • The cold that my youngest has. I was meal prepping with him on my back to keep him entertained, he coughed, then choked, which led to him throwing up all over my back, in the Tula, and all over himself.  I had to stop to clean him up and myself.  Now I don't have a clean Tula and will probably have to wrap him the next time he wants to go up.  I hate wrapping bigger kids.
  • Hormones are a TW. I am a hot mess, crying all the time and getting headaches. I didn’t have it this bad with the other two. I try to hide it from the kids but they inevitably always find me crying. Hormones + minimal sleep = bad mama, and I feel like I’m screwing them up because I can’t get my shorn together. DH is a TW for not being supportive/understanding and flipping out on me for having the kids see me like this and not being able to hold it all in.
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  • Agree to the hormones being the TW this week. They can just eff off any day now....
  • DH’s job is a TW. He was mandated OT again two weeks ago, which means working on every single day off until further notice. He usually work 12 hour nights rotating 3 days on, 3 days off, then 2 on and 2 off. He has to work at least 6 hours per night off, which usually turns to 12 hours. He’s tired, we never see him and life sucks with having a toddler, school and my own job to juggle. The time he is home is spent sleeping. The house is a mess because I don’t have enough time in the day or the energy. 
    I cant wait until I graduate so he can find a different job. The pay and benefits are amazing, but the union they they are a part of is not employee friendly and he gets screwed over like this all the time. Last OT mandation he worked from the day after Christmas last year to the first week of June this year. I hate it. 
  • My cousin whose baby shower I am helping with. She keeps inviting people so we went from 20 people to now the count is 56! It is this Saturday and I am effing tired of making cake pops and other treats to accommodate all the extra people! Plus it is expensive for me to have to keep buying supplies, on top of being pregnant myself  (she is 26 weeks and I am 23 weeks).
  • Work. I just don't want to do anything. It's overrated,  except for the whole pay check thing...
  • kalawa said:
    @LaurenAnn0405 Tell your SO to suck it up. Or use his big boy words and explain to you what he really wants. Not play games.
    THIS. Who knows what his deal is but if he wants Thanksgiving at his house, he can cook the whole thing. I would never dream of telling anyone "I want you to cook me a feast." I appreciate it when people volunteer but I would never tell anyone to do that. 

    @kalawa He who causes the mess, even if indirectly, is he who cleans the mess. Next time, "Oh, the cleaning supplies are in the hall closet. I think the X product works best." I don't care if your usual division of labor is that you clean, things like that are the responsibility of the individual that created the problem. And not even just being that way but your kids need to see their parents take responsibility for their mistakes. 

    @muggle621 :unamused:

    @notthefather Someone I'm "friends" with on FB just did that to his WIFE. Complete with commentary about how he's been nagging her to get tested and all of this stuff. He is continually sharing her medical information on FB. He's pretty much my person that I use for examples for H of what not to do. 

    @k318 As long as you explain to your kids so they aren't imagining dreadful things and are feeling scared/insecure as a result, call me naive but I don't see the problem with them seeing you cry on occasion. In fact, I think it's good for kids to see their parents handle emotions in an appropriate way. That's how they learn to handle theirs. I'd just explain, "I'm just making a baby and when you're making a baby you're tired a lot and more emotional. Today X made me cry a little but everything is okay."

    @Gingermom15 Holy smokes. I don't care what he does but that doesn't sound smart or safe. Maybe they could just staff the place appropriately.

    @sassypants2010 That's really rude. If someone is throwing you a shower, you decide on an appropriate guest cap together. 
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  • @kiki75 he works for a union and the hiring process is ridiculous. They have an employee who was off for 6 months for chemo, she came back with intermittent FMLA and used it as much as she could, now she is on maternity leave early and no idea when she will be back because she isn’t due until next year. As much as it sucks for her, the company is sxrewing my husband over to help her out when she legitimately needs to be on disability right now. Or, at the very least, hire a temp. But they don’t utilize temps because of the nature of the job. IMO they need to let her go, fill her position and hire her back when she’s able to complete her duties. Won’t be the same position, but she’d have a job and my husband would be getting F’d
  • I know it's not Tuesday but today my planner for 2018 is being a TW.  I buy a yearly planner every year and use it for work and personal stuff so I can take one look at it and see what's going on.  I buy the kind that has a month view and then individual days where you can write stuff per day too.  Last year the one I bought I didn't realize but for some reason in the middle of the individual day view in August there were June days (said June at the top of the page) for about 2 weeks and then the rest was normal.  Well I couldn't use that and I had already written all over it so I just went and bought another one.  This year the planner I got was the same brand (I like the ones by Blue Sky brand because they're pretty :) ) and I checked it out completely before I started writing in it, I went through and made sure all the days were in chronological order, all the months were where they were supposed to be, etc.  Well obviously I didn't check closely enough because on the month view May is all effed up, it has May 1st as a Wednesday when its Tuesday then has the 30th as a Thursday and the 31st as a Sunday? And of course I only noticed this because I was writing all through it and putting in when my daughter doesn't have school.  In the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal but the fact that it's happened 2 years in a row is really annoying.  At least I won't be working in May so I won't have to look at it too much...
  • Oh @antoto I am incredibly salty about this.  I wasn't planning on bringing anything back for him.  Just this morning he was saying things like "oh I hope Domino's is open so I can order a pizza..." and I told him again "IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO NOT HAVE DINNER WITH US" and he kept saying that he only told my mom that the kids and I would be coming was because I hadn't told her yet that we weren't and I said again "I told you to make the choice and since you made the choice you have to inform the interested parties of your choice you are a grown ass adult".  He is definitely on my list.
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