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Milestone Mondays

Trying to keep this group going :) What new milestone (developmental or fun) has your LO accomplished?

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Re: Milestone Mondays

  • Oh! LO is 16 weeks and has just started grabbing his toys (and putting them in his mouth!) 
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  • LO is 11 weeks and is laughing and rolling from stomach to back
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  • LO is 12 weeks and is laughing, smacking dangling toys around, and has started to roll from tummy to back.
  • LO is 15 weeks and he is: starting to get better with rolling over / doing pretty good with sitting up /  putting the tips of his toes in his mouth / grabbing toys and pulling them closer to him / starting to teeth / and according to the nanny he laughed today.
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  • My favorite is getting my ~18 week old to have giggle fits! <3
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