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  • @ladystinson Was it you that said you were on the Getting Pregnant board on the nest?  I was on there for a while too.
  • I bought baby girl clothes yesterday. Do not know what we are having yet. Don't really care. They were adorable and can be returned.  :#
  • *sigh*  I was doing actually okay this week and feeling positive that things at my appt will go well and now I am freaking out again.  I hate this.
  • My car keeps making this random dinging noise and we can't figure out what it is. We've taken it in and they said, nothing is wrong with it. But the noise won't stop!! It'll do it for like a day or two and then just go away and then come back a few weeks later. And we have about a 4.5 hour drive ahead of us tonight so I need that noise to stop!
  • I think I'm switching OBs. I just had a third massive bleed this week and she didn't even want to see me- told me to "put my feet up for a few days". She's also insisting I don't need my thyroid levels checked until 28 weeks instead of 12 (I have Hashimoto's so I need them checked more frequently). I called my endocrinologist who told me I absolutely needed it checked at 12 like I thought. I don't know if I'm overreacting, but I feel like I'm now second guessing anything she tells me.
    A friend recommended a different OB with a great reputation, but now I'm feeling super guilty and anxious about "breaking up". Has anyone else switched? I know she probably won't even care but it's stressing me out!

  • @ivyvines6 Hope your Day is amazing and full of love!!

  • @nikky8 yes, and yes. The pillows are so worth it when you start to get huge  :#
  • @k5678 I just want to echo what everyone else has said because I think it's so important to be comfortable with your OB.  My last doctor's poor bedside manner had a lot to do with the mental health issues I was having towards the end of pregnancy and especially after my daughter was born.  I'm now at a different provider and I am sooooo much happier.  I recently called my old OB's office and told them I was moving so I needed to switch providers.  Total lie but they'll never know and it made me feel less awkward.  
  • @k5678 I switched from the midwife we used for our first to a different OB this time around. Things had started really great with her, but I had so many issues towards the end of the pregnancy and afterward that DH and I refused to use her again for another pregnancy. My current OB makes me feel so much more at ease, mostly because he disagrees with how my first delivery was handled and seems much more willing to stick to what I want than my midwife was. (You know, within reason.)
  • @nikky8 I have a snoogle and it helps so much. I have crazy hip pain already and busted it out when the test turned  :D  

    @ivyvines6 i hope you have an amazing and beautiful day! 

    @justsuzie i had an anterior placenta with my first and didn’t feel her until 22/23 weeks. 
  • Switching isnt a big deal at all. Frankly, your OB won’t even notice or care. I did it last pregnancy, and never heard anything from the practice
  • @ivyvines6 congrats! Happy wedding day!! 
  • @ivyvines6 - Congratulations! I hope today was amazing for you!

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  • My nausea has came back after being gone for a week...I thought 2nd tri was supposed to be better. Please just let me feel better.

  • @ivyvines6 Happy late wedding day!  I hope everything went well!
  • Is anyone else confused how it is already November? October seemed to go by so quickly. 

    Me: 35 * DH: 35
    Married: July 2005
    DS1: Aug. 2006 * DS2: Dec. 2011 * DS3: Jan: 2014 * DS4: Mar. 2018

  • Is anyone else confused how it is already November? October seemed to go by so quickly. 
    Or how Thanksgiving is only two and a half weeks away...
    Mmmmm... turkey. 
  • I’m not looking forward to thanksgiving this year. DH leaves on a business trip the day after for 17 days. All the other managers go for a week, but my stepdad who owns the business sends him away for 17 days. He apparently hates me. 

    After I was without him 2 1/2 weeks in October. If I disappear, they’ve locked me in a psych ward. Usually I can handle it but my toddler is kicking my butt lately. 
  • I'm a little bit mad at my husband...he said after youth service tonite he'd go and get us food. But when he called it was already 8 and I wanted qdoba soooooooo bad, but he said he wasn't hungry. He said he'd still go get me food but I felt bad if he wasn't getting anything for himself so I told him never mind. He should have known that what I MEANT was yes go get me food. But he didnt know because women are a mystery and men are clueless and now I am secretly steaming that he didn't JUST GO GET HIS PREGNANT WIFE A DAMN BURRITO BOWL FROM QDOBAS!!!!

    End rant. Thank you for listening.
  • nikky8 said:
    Anyone have any experience with maternity pillows. I know they can be pricey and I am wondering if they are worth it?! On another note is anyone super excited about Bad Mom's coming out, I am!!!!
    I had the Snoogle for almost 5 years and slept with it pregnant and not pregnant. Get the zippered cover or else it’s a biatch to get on and off to wash. I finally threw it away but I’m definitely asking for another for Christmas since I know I’ll use it for years.
  • I'm in the minority but I hate maternity pillows.  Among other things, I have no room in my bed for them!
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  • @sparklingdiamond that was me! I was on the getting pregnant board mostly (I hit married life but was run off because apparently being married for a year doesn't qualify lol) but I was there through my first loss and a little after I got pregnant with my son so that would have been '09-'11 when were you there?
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